A Beautiful TV Lets You Enjoy Your Media Content In the Best Way

With so many options available, it can be easy to become anxious while shopping for a new TV. Prices can range from a couple hundred bucks to several thousands of dollars.


To many, this purchase is an investment. No matter the price range, consumers will want to find a great TV set to suit their needs and allow them to enjoy seeing their favorite media displayed in the best ways.

Try not to get caught up in too much of the tech talk and the accessories available. Start with the basics like how much to spend and what size should it be to fit the room. Once the basic parameters are set, then there is the question of picture quality. The reason why one buys a television is for the picture it provides, of course.


Television technology evolved very quickly over the last few decades. High definition resolution (HDR) televisions are in and there are two main types of picture technology available. OLED and LED. Both OLED and LED provide a better picture quality than the outdated plasma and LCD, but there are differences.

LED stands for light emitting diodes, which creates very bright lights. Since LED are relatively large, the light created is used to transmit the light through the pixels on the LCD display from the back. The picture is high definition, but backlight can cause issues viewing the picture on the screen from certain angles.

OLED are organic light emitting diodes and they can be quite small therefore than can be used as self-emitting light pixels. This creates a high contrast and allows more range of view in the room. Many TV watchers prefer these features.

When looking at the image technology it might be a good idea to take a step back and look at preferred media sources. Is the cable subscription High Definition or Standard definition? What about the use of streaming services and devices, like Apple TV or Smart TV?

What is an Apple TV?

Smart TV’s connect to the internet and provide apps to use streaming services. Apple TV is not actually a TV. It’s a media streaming device that allows viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies in 4K HDR. 4K is a term regarding the number of pixels. Most 4K TV will have about 4 times the number of pixels on a 1080 HD TV.

Apple TV was the first streaming device developed, however it has many competitors in the market today. In order to use the Apple TV device, you simply connect it to the internet and one of the HDMI ports on the TV. The device has a remote that is very user friendly. Being a product offered by Apple it also has Siri technology, which makes it easy to control via voice commands.

On Apple TV, owners can watch shows through any of their streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Most streaming services will require a subscription, however there are a few free services still available.

Can You Still Get Local Cable?

It may be a little overwhelming digging through all the available streaming services and Apple TV channels. And maybe it seems like a cable subscription is the best fit today. Keep your options open with the Apple TV. It will support current cable subscriptions so live TV can be viewed through the device. In order to take advantage of this feature, visit the settings on the Apple TV and add the cable provider in the account section. Once everything is set up in the Apple account, live TV can be viewed.

HDHomerun is another option to view local channels. HDHomerun is another piece of hardware that can be added to TV along with an antenna to obtain local channels such as ABC, NBC, and CBS.

The Best 4K TVs

The Best 4K TVs are changing as technology keeps growing. One must be willing to pay more for the latest technology. However, there are a few budget friendly TVs too that are high in quality listed below.

  • LG B8 – Smart TV that has Ultra HD picture quality. This set is super thin and light weight and it comes with Google assistant.
  • Vizio P Series Quantum – This LED LCD TV looks great in Standard and High definition. This gives the flexibility of upgrading the picture without upgrading media to high definition.
  • Samsung QN65Q9FN Flat 65’ QLED 4K UHD 9 Series Smart TV – This Smart TV with Ultra HD picture quality has an ambient mode that can be used to display family picture or other aesthetically pleasing décor. Functional and Fashionable!
  • TCL 43S517 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV – This is a budget friendly smart TV that will only cost a couple hundred dollar and provide Smart functionality and high resolution.

Armed with a little knowledge, it should be easy to select the best television to display media in the best way.