Answers Exist For Your Questions About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that women can get. Second to skin cancer, breast cancer can potentially affect one out of every either women during the course of their lifetime.

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The good news is that awareness for this disease has reached an all time high. Funding of research continues to prove decisive. Treatments have never been more effective and the survival rate for women with breast cancer are higher than they have ever been. 

So why is breast cancer still so prevalent in our lives? Quite simply, despite the best of treatment, there’s still no way to prevent everyone from suffering from breast cancer. Until a true cure is found, people and families will still be torn apart and damaged by the scourge of breast cancer. There are still many questions that are out there in regards to breast cancer. Some of the most common ones are answered below. 

The 6 Important Questions

1: Is breast cancer really that dangerous? 

A: Breast cancer survival rates continue to increase. The rate for women in the first 5 years after diagnosis is now up to 90% survival. The 10 year rate has increased up to 83%! These survival rates refer to invasive breast cancer. While this sounds great, there are still over 40,000 people who die of breast cancer every year! This makes is an incredibly dangerous condition due to its widespread nature. 

2: Is breast cancer passed down? 

A: For some people, breast cancer is inherited. These forms of inherited breast cancer are linked to a few genes which can be mutated and show an increased risk of breast cancer. A family history of breast cancer in the past shows itself as a huge risk factor. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you should get regular tests and perform self exams consistently. 

3: What does the money going towards breast cancer go to? 

A: Much has been made of the donations made towards breast cancer and breast cancer research. There’s actually many different things that the money goes towards. Research is divided. The first section is pure research into what is causing breast cancer and how it comes about. The second method is 

4: How can I know if I have breast cancer? 

A: Performing a proper self exam can help determine many of the potential symptoms of breast cancer. Symptoms include lumps, changes in size and shape of the breast, changes to the appearance or the skin over the breast, nipple inversion, red pitted skin or peeling and flaking around the areola. 

5: What are some risk factors for getting cancer? 

A: While there are some cases of breast cancer in men, the vast majority of cases occur in women. In addition, as a person’s age increases, they are more likely to get breast cancer. In addition to genetic risks, women have several risks based on their menstrual cycle. They are more likely if they begin their period before the age of 12 or if they start menopause much later in life. It’s also more likely if a woman has her first child after she has turned 30. Women who have never been pregnant also get breast cancer more often than women who don’t. 

6: Can anything be done to avoid breast cancer? 

A: There are some things that can be done to help prevent breast cancer, or to at least ensure that it’s minimized. Drinking in moderation, or cutting alcohol out completely helps. Getting proper exercise helps. A healthy diet and a healthy weight make a big difference. In addition, being capable of performing a proper self exam is important. Doctors can give instruction, and give breast cancer screening tests as well. 

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