Applications Have Made Event Management Much Easier

Running an event can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Running a large event can also be a scheduling quagmire filled with problems that seem to multiply.


There seems to be more conferences and events thrown every day. Part of the reason is that it has become a lot easier thanks to event software.

Event software makes events easier to run. They improve registration to ensure that no one is left out. They make organizing the event easier and run more smoothly. The right event management application can turn a disaster of an event into a first class affair. Technology is supposed to serve people, and this is a case where it definitely does.

Making Registration Easier

Event software makes registration easier. Take a large conference. In addition to general registration for attendance, there’s going to be special sessions. Booths and displays are going to be set up throughout the venue or venues. The larger the conference, the more things need to be registered for.

Event registration software can assist with all of it. Event registration software can be adapted into websites or apps, or help create one to allow people to register for. Registration can be completed online, through traditional methods like phone or fax and input manually, or registration can occur directly through the application.

As more people register, updates can be sent to people who are already registered. This can let people know about new speakers or sessions during an event or conference.

Organization & Management

As mentioned before, event management applications can make a huge difference when it comes to the organization and management of any event. Whether it’s a conference, wedding or other party, it allows for schedules to be created, distributed and followed.

Organization of events is difficult. A wedding is one of the most stressful single day events that can occur. It’s one of the biggest moments for anyone who is getting married. A wedding or event planner can take advantage of software to keep everything organized. It helps keep finances in check so that all payments are documented. It helps keep deliveries on time and organized. It lets the couple focus on each other instead of worrying about the wedding going off without a hitch.

Popular Tools and Applications Used

There are many different apps and software which are now used for event management and event planning. This list is far from complete, but it does show off some of the popular software offerings. They include:

  • Eventbrite - This is one of the most popular and powerful event tools on the market today. Eventbrite assists with registration. People can join an event right from their phone. It does charge a fee for each person registering, but that’s how they make their money. Typically the fee gets passed on to customers.
  • Trello - Trello is a great event tool when it comes to the individual tasks being performed during an event. Event runners can be updated on every task being completed as they are completed using Trello.
  • Whova All-in-One Event Management Software - The name sort of says it all when it comes to Whova. It allows for event management, event promotion and marketing, as well as managing logistics. It’s very mobile friendly and Whova is also pretty cost effective, making it a good all around choice.
  • Social Tables - Social tables is a must have for wedding and event planners. It makes seating charts uncomplicated and easy. It also allows laying out a room and takes chest check ins as well as registration. It can even make things easier on the catering company and venue.