Assisted Living Provides Many Services

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living facilities could provide a better quality of life and wellness compared to living at home. They offer a wide array of social activities, healthy dining options, and resort-style amenities for your loved ones.

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They also provide state-of-the-art medical care. Assisted living facilities are tailored to seniors who need more help than their family can give at home but don't need 24-hour medical care. Socialization amongst seniors is vital and will help them lead active and healthier lives without feeling isolated. Today's assisted living facilities are designed to provide happiness and improve the quality of life of your loved ones. Assisted living is not about giving up independence and is more about making life more comfortable. Accepting assistance will allow seniors to maintain their regular routines longer. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider an assisted facility community.

1 - A Safe Living Environment

When you or your loved one's health begins to decline, what was once considered home can now be an unsafe living environment. Assisted living facilities are equipped with shower bars, medical alert systems, wheelchair-accessible ramps and more. They are designed for increased senior mobility and accessibility and help them avoid accidents or falls. They have medical staff available around the clock and facilities are usually located within minutes of a hospital. Technology installed in the rooms, apartments, or the facility help seniors feel safe and secure.

2 - Daily Exercise And Physical Therapy

Retirement communities offer several physical therapy and exercise programs to keep seniors active including yoga, Tai Chi, resistance training, swim aerobics, and Zumba classes. Programs are set up and customized based on the individual's specific medical conditions. Staying active is crucial in helping seniors engaged, increasing blood circulation, and treating arthritis. Staying fit is important at any age, and staff members will guide you through low-impact stretching techniques, chair yoga, and any other exercise to improve your body's flexibility. Stretching routines can lengthen shortened muscle tissues. General activity enhances coordination, balance, and bone density. Regular exercise will also improve cardiovascular health helping to prevent vascular occlusions, colds, and flu.

3 - Opportunities for Socialization

Isolation and loneliness are linked to depression and poor health. Seniors may feel isolated if they have recently retired and can no longer socialize in the workplace. It also happens when their spouses or friends pass away. Assisted living communities offer many opportunities for seniors to socialize with their peers through structured activities, field trips, or cultural events. Active socializing can add years to your loved one's lifespan. Seniors can strengthen existing relationships and make new friends. They can engage in activities with their peers who enjoy the same interests and increase self-esteem. Socialization also improves physical and mental health. Seniors can volunteer, teach groups how to use a computer, or bake for their friends. A boost in self-esteem is good for everyone and releases health-promoting hormones to help the body fight disease and illness in addition to keeping the brain sharp.

4 - Customized Dining Tailored To Medical Conditions

Senior nutrition is almost impossible to monitor at home 24/7. Many suffer from malnutrition which only adds to their decline in health. In an assisted living facility you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the proper nutrition they need. Most seniors who live alone find basic meal preparation difficult. With food being an essential part of daily life, healthy dining options must be available to seniors that are tailored to their needs. Residents in assisted living facilities are fed three meals a day based on their medical conditions. It can even include gourmet dining.

5 - Help With Activities Of Daily Living

Normal day-to-day activities such as yard work, laundry, and general housekeeping become burdensome as we age. In assisted living, seniors can enjoy exciting events and take advantage of the facilities amenities without the worry of having to do daily chores. Hiring an in-home caregiver for your family member can be very expensive and doesn't come with the daily activities they experience in assisted living. Staff members will bathe, dress, and perform general housekeeping and daily chores. Assisted living facilities also provide transportation services and will keep up with your loved one's appointments and schedule.

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