Be Prepared and Make Moving Day Easier!

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Whether it’s a first home or a dream home, it’s the start of a new phase in a person’s life! However, the actual process of moving can be quite difficult.

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Packing everything and keeping things organized can quickly become a quagmire.

Going through a person’s moving process, there are many ways to make things easier and simpler. This article will go through every aspect of moving and look at the ways that it will improve your moving day. Seeing moving day as a blessing instead of a curse should be available to everyone.

Assessing Space and Packing

This is one of the most important aspects of moving. Moving is one of the best times of life to determine which of your possessions are actually necessary to you. Going through and sorting through your things will typically result in dozens or hundreds of items that you don’t really like enough to move to your new home.

Finding these things and separating them is a good start. From there, it’s important to get rid of them. Some items can be donated to charities or thrift stores in the region. Others may be sold through a garage sale. Finally, large or more expensive items may be sold through classifieds or online. Selling older items can actually end up paying for the entire moving process!

When it’s time to pack, start with long term items. If you’re moving in the summer, winter clothing is an easy first start. Ensure there are plenty of boxes or containers for the items you want. Continue packing as the day is getting closer to moving day. Finally, the day before, all those items that couldn’t be packed earlier will finally be packed and things are ready to go.

Using Self Storage

Self storage is an option to make moving far more convenient. The benefit of self storage is that you don’t need to submit to timeline of house closures. It can be common for the closing date of the sale of your current house to be before the closing date of your new home purchase. Suddenly, there’s nowhere to go. Self storage allows you to put everything you need into a safe place while waiting.

Self storage is also a great option when you may not have time to perform a giant move in a single day. Many people can’t afford the large truck to move. Having a self storage unit allows people to move things there on their own time, then finally move them into the new home when time allows for it there.

Self storage units tend to be relatively cost effective. Most work on a monthly fee. This ensures that you’re not paying for excess storage when you don’t need it. As soon as it’s possible to move everything in, then the costs end.

To Hire Movers or Not

Choosing whether to hire professional movers depends on a lot of things. For homes with a high amount of things, this is often a more useful tact. Movers are fairly expensive, but they work quickly and efficiently. Good movers will be insured for any damages. Always ensure that your valuables will be protected.

Alternatively, moving on your own requires some excellent coordination. Numbering the rooms in the new home can make it easy if you’re using friends or relatives for assistance. Merely label the box with the corresponding numbered room in the new house. If necessary, some simple post it notes can help direct people through the new home as they arrive with things.

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