Call Center Software Is a Serious Boon

Many businesses can only function with the use of a call center. For decades, the primary way to receive proper customer service has been by phone. While that has been adjusting to a more online way of doing things, the call center remains crucial to many businesses.


Whether it’s sales or customer service, there are many different types of call centers. Many programs and systems require call centers to sign up for their programs. Their usefulness is something that can’t be ignored. There may be people who view call centers as nuisances, which are going to cold call them during a delightful dinner and ruin it. However, the call center is a useful tool that’s vital to business.

What is Call Center Software?

Many people aren’t sure exactly what call center software is or what it can do. The general idea of call center software is to do everything that would be done my a call center operator, but to do it quicker. It amalgamates and analyzes call lists rather than people doing it manually. It makes or takes calls and directs the results so that everyone is working and there’s no backlog.

Call center software works to handle both incoming and outgoing calls more easily. On the incoming level, the software will distribute phone calls equally to any available agents. On the outgoing level, it will distribute calls to be made, and show off all of the information gathered to assist in the phone call.

Benefits of Call Center Software

Call centers wouldn’t choose to use integrated software platforms if they weren’t beneficial. There are many benefits to call center software that makes their business easier. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased Conversion - For call centers that focus on sales, they are able to increase their conversion rates. This comes from putting all the potential information in the hands of the sales staff.
  • Increased Speed - Incoming call centers want to resolve issues as quickly as possible while maintaining good customer service. Call center software makes it easier for those problems to be resolved. Outgoing call centers and sales centers want to sell their goods as quickly as possible before they can begin making more sales!
  • Simplified Communication - Call center software combines software all of an employee's communication into one location. Whether it’s by phone, email or live chat, the information gathers in a single location.

Popular Software Providers

There are many different software offerings out there. Many can do a good job, but there are obviously some which may stand out from the rest. Different programs work for different companies, but these are some of the most popular software providers:

  • LiveAgent - LiveAgent is a piece of software which has an extraordinarily excellent live chat feature. They offer both text and voice live options, which can be added to any website. They don’t skimp on other features however. LiveAgent scales well in terms of business size.
  • Five9 Call Center Software - This software uses an enhanced algorithm/AI program to make agents more effective. It also has smart dialers which will time calls to make them the most receptive. The predictive features can suggest actions for agents beforehand.
  • Call Center NOW - This software is designed for a minimum of 5 call center agents at a time. It features predictive dialing and is very user friendly through their unique interface. One benefit is it’s very integratable with other software offerings.
  • Zoho Desk - Zoho Desk is a cloud based software option. It allows people to use their call center software from anywhere they can use a browser. Managers can become more involved with their agents, even when they aren’t together.
  • Zendesk - Zendesk is one of the most popular (if not the most) call center software offerings available today. It’s used by many large companies and excels and an enterprise level. Zendesk works very well with using huge amounts of data and determining which is important to make agents communicate better.