Can Email Marketing Software Expand Your Business?

Technology is less complicated than you might think. It seems as if for every advancement your business makes, you need another piece of technology. A successful business in our data-driven society should find that enlightening.


The first thing to consider is that technology has its limits.

It’s only as good as how we use it and what we use it for. It’s not enough to tell you that email marketing works. Just think about how communications has changed over the years. Email isn’t just popular; it’s the most reliable means that we communicate through, and the statistics are mind blowing.

Right now, “welcome emails” account for roughly 300 percent of additional profit than a standard promotion. Consumers are likely to click-through after accessing emails from multiple devices and up to 65 times. Marketers of have found that SPAM flagging has had little impact on their results.

Segmented emails get 100% more engagement. There’s a lot to consider about email software. Let’s take a closer look and learn more.

What is Email Marketing Software?

You use email everyday, and not much of it has changed. The change comes from the work you do to market through emails. Digital marketers are successful when they can automate, gather analytics and then segment the content releases they have. The complication of these steps have actually been simplified.

This is where email marketing software comes into the picture. Email marketing now has roughly 40 years of experience. The deep strategies, the effective tools and the data tracking have now been integrated into what’s available. True email marketing allows you to streamline the process.

This software allows you to see all of your leads and to acknowledge them by first name. You will know who’s active and who isn’t receiving your message but with much greater influence. The segments you then create allow you to treat those who’ve purchased from you differently from those who are “still on the fence.” The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Adaptability is the greatest advantage of email marketing software. Your ROI could drastically decrease if you were required to have all of the technology of modern software but through multiple packages. Consolidating these marketable steps is what makes software so adaptable.

You’re not required to reinvent the wheel, and you won’t become disorganized in attempt to manage your campaigns. Additional benefits from software includes:

  • Measurable Results
  • Scalable Costs
  • Interactive Messages
  • Multimedia Components
  • ROI-Based Analytics

Popular Email Marketing Software

Not all marketing software is equal. These technologies are advanced and can help you in a number of ways, but you have to find out what works for you and your business. Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective email marketing tools you have access to:

  • GetResponse: This is an international platform that enables you to collect data worldwide. Global offices are available to help you with customer service that can peak your experience. What makes this platform stand out is its variety of add-ons that go beyond simply sending email. Consider this agency when you also want webinar and landing-page platforms.
  • Constant Contact: This agency is often seen as the closest competitor to MailChimp. Constant Contact is optimal when you want to also send surveys to your leads. This is an effective way of improving consumer relationships. Having ongoing data about your leads puts you closer and closer to closing sales and increasing conversions.
  • MailChimp: This platform is very affordable. It uses a number of packages to give you what you need when you need it most. You can even sign up for free just to give email software a test drive before fully committing. The upgrades are then based on the performance you have and the amount of people that get collected to your list/account.

Don’t risk missing out on a healthy revenue stream by ignoring the reality of email marketing. This software is relatively easy to use and designed to provide you with optimal results. All you have to do is give it a try. You can start today with a free package and an expansive tool to generate more business with.