Check Out The 7 Best Meal Delivery Services

These days, a different meal delivery service seems to be coming out every week. The draw is easy to see; meal kits are healthy, produce little to no waste and take most of the prep out of cooking, not to mention the convenience of online food delivery.


It can be hard to eat healthy without eating the same dish every day when food prep is left to the consumer. It’s much easier to add some variety and spice to the dinner table when ingredients are dropped off on the doorstep! With so many meal kits to choose from, how is anyone supposed to know which ones are worth their money and time? Wading through meal delivery service options doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are the seven best meal delivery services on the market, their advantages and their drawbacks so that anyone can make an informed decision the next time they order a recipe box.

1 - Freshly

Freshly offers the quickest and easiest recipes of all of its competition, and that’s because their meals arrive already cooked. Freshly prepares their meals just before they ship so that nothing the consumer receives is ever frozen. Their menu consists of familiar comfort foods like Mom used to make, and every meal is peanut-free and gluten-free. Freshly is the best delivery option for families who want fresh food delivery as convenient as pizza delivery without unhealthy, soggy grease. They deliver to all 50 states.

2 - Plated

Plated makes their customers feel like professional sous chefs without overcomplicating the prepping process. They add unique, artisanal ingredients to their large-batch recipes whenever possible, making them a great option to add some zing to family dinner tables across the nation. Better yet, they have a wide selection of dessert options to choose from, with treats like mocha cheesecake and rocky road squares. Plated never sacrifices quality for quantity, and even though they have some of the largest portion sizes on this list, they have a high standard for thoughtfully-sourced meats and produce. Plated is available for delivery in 48 states.

3 - Sunbasket

Sunbasket offers the perfect fusion of healthy ingredients with mouth-watering recipes. A nutritionist vets each ingredient before it is added to a recipe. All of their produce is organic, non-GMO and the highest quality on the market. While the service isn’t exclusively for vegetarians, they cater to the vegetarian lifestyle by offering dozens of plant-based recipes for all walks of life. Sunbasket also has recipe options for vegans, paleo and pescatarian diets. Every recipe box is sustainable and 100% recyclable and compostable, and they’re available for delivery in 36 states.

4 - Home Chef

Home chef is a great meal delivery service for anyone with dietary restrictions. They’re widely known for offering customizability without sacrificing delicious taste. For example, a customer could order a meal kit without nuts, wheat, soy or even dairy and still receive an impressive recipe catered to their needs. Home Chef also plans their menu five weeks in advance, making the service ideal for meal-planning beginners. All of their meals are ready-to-eat after about 30 minutes, and they deliver nationwide.

5 - PeachDish

PeachDish is perfect for the Southern chef on a diet. They spin hometown favorites like chicken and dumplings into a healthy dinner without compromising flavor. Most of their dishes are less than 600 calories per serving. Almost all of their ingredients are sourced from regular farms throughout the Southeast. There are no guest fees for consumers looking to sample the service before they commit to a subscription. PeachDish is available across the continental U.S.

6 - Gobble

Gobble seeks to change the definition of fast food. Ingredients come pre-chopped and sometimes partially cooked so that their customers can focus on enjoying delicious meals instead of grinding through kitchen prep. Most recipes go from the box to the dinner plate in under 15 minutes. This makes their worldly, out-of-the-box menu options accessible for families who don’t have time to prepare shrimp and broccoli siciliana from scratch. They’re currently expanding their delivery service to include most states in the continental U.S

7 - Blue Apron

Blue Apron started the meal kit trend, and it’s easy to see why they’re still in business so many years later. Every recipe takes an average of 45 minutes to make, and the directions are easy enough to follow that the whole family can help make dinner. They work directly with farmers growing the ingredients when they craft their recipes, and every recipe comes with the personal story of the farm that helped create it. Their mission to combine quick-and-easy recipes with sustainable ingredients has inspired countless other delivery services. Blue Apron is a perfect option for both beginners and expert chefs, and they’re available for delivery across the nation.