Choosing the Right Laptop and Tablet Made Easy

Whether you work in an office, attend school, or just want to enjoy yourself on a lazy Sunday, having a great laptop or tablet will help you fulfill your role.

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Gone are the days of heavy and stationary desktop computers being the go to for computer users. Owning a computer these days means something lightweight and portable. Something that’s versatile. It’s got to be a laptop or tablet? 

Despite how obvious it is to many people that they need to get one of these devices, choosing one can sometimes feel like a monumental task. Having to sift through a mountain of specifications can be very confusing. The majority of people using them aren’t interested in how many gigabytes of ram are installed, or if the processors can be overclocked. It just needs to work well and have a great screen when you’re using it. Picking a laptop or tablet doesn’t need to be such an inconvenience. 

Factors to Consider

The first thing to consider is which device you intend to get. If you need more powerful computing, then you probably want to go with a laptop. This can let you play games or perform more tasks at once. There’s another option as well. There are many modern “2 in 1” hybrid options which can function as a laptop, but also as a tablet. The screen or keyboard can be detachable, or even just flip and lock into position. 

Beyond that, any purchase should not just be designed for current needs, but for future ones. If you buy a computer that’s “good enough” today, it’s not going to be good enough soon. The world of computing is always accelerating. It’s not just the hardware, but software developers design their programs to make use of the latest technology. However, there’s a point where technological advancement is prive prohibitive. Finding the right balance between a good computer and value is the trick. 

Popular Laptops

There are many great makers of laptops. Some run windows operating systems, Apple run MacOS while Chromebooks prefer to do their own thing! Some of the best laptops on the market include: 

  • Dell XPS 13 - This laptop is arguably one of the best on the market. It’s powerful, the 4k display screen is beautiful and the battery life is really impressive. For some reason, previous versions had a weird off center webcam, but that’s been fixed in the most recent models. While not cheap, it does provide solid value. It starts around $850 and some upgrades can increase that cost. 
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 - If you want arguably the best pure windows experience, then going through the surface laptop 2 is probably the way to do it. Microsoft prides itself on their build quality, making this a very well made and high functioning laptop. 
  • HP Spectre Folio - This small selection of laptops needed to include a 2-in-1. While these haven’t taken over the market quite yet, this is a great option for someone who is looking to purchase both a laptop and a tablet. The Spectre Folio is also the only laptop built into a piece of leather! This unique look truly does give it that portfolio feeling. While it’s not for everyone, and can retail in the $2,000 range, it’s a statement making device. 

Popular Tablets

When it comes to tablets, the name iPad certainly the biggest name in the game. There are a large variety of iPads available. Other brands have continued to advance and are now comparable, but perhaps lack the name brand appeal that Apple has. Some of the popular tablets that you may want to check out include: 

  • iPad Pro 12.9 - It’s huge. A 12.9 inch screen means you can do anything you want with it. 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - This is arguably the best Android tablet. It’s full of high end features and an S Pen stylus. 
  • iPad Mini - The mini is unsurprisingly a smaller tablet, but it’s very powerful for its size. It’s also light. Despite this, it still has access to all of Apple’s apps and infrastructure. 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - Many people love the detachable keyboard of the surface. It can run a full copy of windows 10. 
  • iPad air 2019 - This smaller version is just as strong as the Pro 12.9, but is lighter. It’s also a far more economical choice.  

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