Don't Miss Out On the Best Smart Watches on the Market

No two smart watches are alike. Some are simple gadgets that will just track your steps while keeping time; others are basically high-end supercomputers crammed into a piece of wearable technology.


The right smartwatch for you will depend on what you're hoping to accomplish with your device. Will you be using it for work, school or personal health reasons? Do you need it to have any particular functions or features? What's your operating system? What's your budget? Here are just a few of the best smartwatches on the market. While this isn't an exhaustive list, it should be enough to get you started. Happy shopping!

1 - Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is such an amazing gadget that it almost feels dishonest to call it a smart watch. It's more like a multi-functional piece of technology that you just so happen to wear on your wrist. For starters, it will give you all of the benefits of a state-of-the-art fitness tracker. The Apple Watch Series 4 will monitor your steps, calories, miles and heart rate; it will warn you about bad terrain and increment weather. It can even connect you with friends for head-to-head competitions if you need a little workout motivation. The Apple Watch Series 4 can do other cool things, too. It can receive calls. It can sync with songs and podcasts. It can survive complete submersion in a swimming pool. There's a reason why this Apple smart watch is one of the most famous in the world. When nothing but the best will do, go with the Apple Watch Series 4.

2 - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

You can have a lot of fun with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It's capable of everything from sharing your phone notifications to streaming your favorite digital playlists, so you won't lack for features when you press the wake-up button. Another great thing about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is that it's compatible with both iOS and Android. It may be the best smartwatch Android has to offer, but it has functionality as an Apple device as well. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is also a long-lasting product. Unlike some of its competitors, it doesn't drip power like a leaky faucet; it can last for days on a single battery charge. This makes it ideal for camping, traveling and triathlon training. Consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active if you're in the market for a sleek smartwatch that you can use with a variety of devices. It might not be a flawless product, but it's a fine one.

3 - Fitbit Versa

If you've been looking into smart watches, you've probably run across the Fitbit brand. They're one of the most famous names in wearable tech, and it can be argued that they started the whole craze in the first place. Out of their many different fitness products, however, the Fitbit Versa is one of the best. It offers a full range of features, including calls, texts, temperatures, calendars and fitness monitoring activities. You can record your sleep cycles; you can toggle different exercise modes for different workouts. If you're a woman, you can even use it for female health tracking in the form of menstrual logs and symptom lists. The Fitbit Versa is a smartwatch that you can use for just about everything in your life. Whether you want to track every floor that you're climbing or analyze every mile that you're swimming, it's a gadget that can get the job done.

4 - Mobvoi Ticwatch E2

This is a bargain option in the smartwatch world. Coming in around $160, it’s much cheaper than others. However, cheap isn’t the word. Value is the word! It has all the features you want like a large screen, heart rate sensor and GPS. The battery is strong and lasts for a day easily and can be charged easily each night. It’s a great option for Wear OS on a budget. There are plenty of other good hybrid value watches as well. If the Mobvoi Ticwatch isn’t attractive enough, then the Fossil Grant or Commuter are all wonderful.

These are just a few of the best smartwatches of 2019. There are many more, of course, so don't feel limited by the suggestions on this list. There's a gigantic market for wearable tech, and you can explore it until you find the perfect smartwatch for you.