Enhance Your Streaming Experiences

Streaming is the future of modern media content. Cable continues to be in the decline and there is no signs that it will ever return. The networks and channels continue to work hard to enter the streaming arena, either as part of the established order or as their own network.


Some people are nervous about streaming though. They fear their internet connection might not be enough to handle the amount of video that they will be watching. It’s definitely something to consider. But are there ways in which to enhance streaming? Which streaming services have the best content? The following can help people interested in streaming.


Currently, the undisputed leader in streaming is Netflix. What started as a mail order movie service quickly saw the potential of streaming and bought into it. What started as a way to stream old content quickly has morphed into arguably the most powerful media outlet today (Disney may disagree, but their streaming service has yet to launch).

Netflix has thrown unprecedented funds at directors and actors to create original content for the network that you can’t get anywhere else. Most Netflix content is released in bulk, with entire seasons available to watch right away. Some limited content releases on a weekly basis like traditional television content did.

Netflix continues to offer excellent value. It’s true that they have raised their streaming price to $10.99/month, but the value for the sheer volume of excellent content is still excellent.


Hulu offers an interesting streaming service with a variety of different plans. In addition to streaming their own content and past movies and tv, Hulu also offers the ability to stream live television as well. The cost obvious increases depending on how many services are offered. The basic Hulu package will start as low as $7.99, but it can rise up to $39.99 monthly.


Known for exclusive high value content, HBO’s streaming services offer the same. It may sound odd for them to have two different streaming services, but it does make sense in relation to their cable platform.

HBO GO is for people who have already subscribed to HBO through cable. This simply allows them to use that subscription and watch HBO anywhere. HBO NOW is for people who don’t have any other access to HBO. It allows them to see all of the same content, but its a private subscription.

Can a VPN Make Streaming Faster?

A virtual private network is a hosted network which allows people to log into the internet through a private IP address. It does this to try to avoid congested servers in areas and instead use cleaner servers. This results in faster streaming.

There have been claims that some ISPs are limiting the rate at which they stream to certain areas of the internet, especially streaming. This is part of the concept of “net neutrality” where in theory ISPs aren’t supposed to limit traffic from specific websites. A VPN can help avoid some of these potential issues and ensure that there’s never a slow server bogging down a good streaming episode.