Exploring the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator Brands On the Market

People with respiratory conditions often struggle to get enough oxygen into their system. The atmosphere is made up of around 20% oxygen. For people with respiratory conditions, that’s quite simply not enough.


While some people turn to oxygen tanks to bring around a limited supply with them, others have chosen the convenience of oxygen concentrators. These devices create high density oxygen from the air around it by removing nitrogen. In addition, they function on battery, which can be charged from any outlet. It’s additional portability not otherwise available to people with respiratory problems. 

However, choosing the right oxygen concentrator is tricky. There are a large number of different brands. Prices vary. There’s also different Pulse settings, where the air is provided during breathing instead of just in a steady flow like from a tank. Some of the most popular and best brands have been gathered together here. The rankings certainly aren’t gospel, but they provide an idea of some of the best options available today. 

1 - Inogen 

Inogen is one of the most well known and popular brands. What started with the Inogen One G2 system has evolved into the Inogen One G3 System and Inogen One G4 System. Both are wearable versions of oxygen concentrators, so they can be taken anywhere. The G4 is lighter, coming in at under 3 pounds, and features a battery life of around 5 hours. The G3 is a bit larger, but is still under 5 pounds. That extra weight isn’t wasted however. The G3 has a battery life of around 10 hours at a time. Another bonus to Inogen is that they include lifetime warranty if you purchase a Freedom package with the portable oxygen concentrator itself. 

2 - Philips Respironics

Philips enters the field with two great systems. The SimplyGo and the SimplyGoMini are two attractive options in the field of portable oxygen concentrators. The SimplyGo Mini is a wearable version which comes in at 5 pounds. Prices for it start at around $2,500. The SimplyGo option is meant to be portable instead of worn. It’s a big heavier at 10 pounds. However, it offers both pulse release and continuous flow options in a single device. This is rare. 

3 - CAIRE, Inc. 

CAIRE options tend to be excellent on the pocket. Their portable options, the Focus and Freestyle Family start at $1,500 and $1,700 respectively. The Focus is an incredibly lightweight option and weighs less than 2 pounds. Battery power is a bit light, only lasting around 3 hours per charge. The Freestyle Family features more pulse settings and it also has a battery life of 7 hours. Unfortunately it weighs between 5 and 7 pounds depending on the options chosen. 

4 - Invacare

Invacare models are impressive in several different ways. They have the Platinum Mobil portable oxygen concentrator. This model features a very solid hour battery life and comes in under 5 pounds total. It has an excellent recharge time. However, the best aspect is the pulse breathing system. It matches oxygen release to the breathing of the person involved. There’s several different settings that can be chosen. Price starts around $2,200. This can rise with versions that include additional batteries and chargers.