Foods to Help Manage Diabetes

Being a diabetic can be quite a challenge for many people. The inability to break down and regulate sugars means that your body runs the risk of running with very low or very high blood sugar.


This in turn can cause some serious health problems.

The number one way that a Diabetic can ensure their health is through their diet. By manually regulating the amount of sugar that comes into their bodies, they can in turn ensure that they are sticking within standard blood sugar levels. It’s important for people to understand that being a Diabetic does not mean cutting sugar out of your life entirely. That’s a myth for the uninformed. In fact it’s very important for Diabetics to have some sugar throughout the day or risk the dangers of extreme low blood sugar. It’s also important to know that “sugar” refers to carbohydrates, but excludes carbs which are fiber. This is why a lot of the foods listed below are quite high in fiber.

Best Food for Diabetics

Fresh Fruit

Fruit doesn't contain natural sugars. However the levels are a good point of references for many diabetics. Oftentimes for their diets, Diabetics break food items up into 15g allotments. 15 grams of sugar will often make up an afternoon snack, while meals will typically be 3x or 4x this amount (depends on the person). A medium sized apple or orange has approximately 15g of sugar, making them an ideal snack instead of some potato chips.


Cinnamon has proven to be one of the most effective ways of helping with diabetes. It’s also great for more than just keeping blood sugar steady. Cinnamon has also shown to help lower cholesterol. Cinnamon on its own is certainly a mistake, but it can be mixed into all kinds of items like yogurt or your morning coffee.


Spinach is the representative in this list for the leafy green family of foods. Spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals which assist the body in managing blood sugar. It’s also almost negligible for carbohydrates, so it can make up the bulk of a meal with minimal consequences.


It’s true that nuts have a very high fat content, but for the most part these are good fats. In addition, they are very high in protein, which assists in keeping blood sugar levels in the target area. Nuts are a great protein replacement in items like salads.


As mentioned, fiber is a good thing for diabetics. This is because it actually slows down carbs as they break down. This means that rather than a large spike of sugar in the bloodstream, it’s a slow release that the Diabetic body can handle easily. While oatmeal may come off as boring, some fresh fruit, nuts or cinnamon (see a trend here?) can kick it up a notch.


Protein is good for diabetics, however high fat proteins like bacon or many cheeses will have a negative effect on things. Thankfully, there’s Salmon. In addition to being low fat, it’s also great for the heart. The omega-3 content in Salmon is great. To be fair, there’s other seafood that can offer the same benefits. Tuna and Sardines are great as well, but Salmon can be the most delicious when done right.


Beans are loaded with fiber and protein to assist in blood sugar regulation. In addition, beans are also very inexpensive and go with a lot of different foods. They are perfect for a Diabetic on a budget.

In the end, a balanced diet full of many of these foods will help people with Diabetes manage their sugar and live a healthier life. While there’s no cure for Diabetes, proper diet and blood sugar management can turn it from a serious problem into an easily dealt with disease.