Free Games Available to Entertain During Downtime

Everyone finds themselves with some time to burn on a long trip. From counting the miles on a road trip across the country, to surviving a layover at the airport, there are plenty of ways to find some entertainment in those gaps of time.


From road trip games that will entertain a car full of kids or a van of adults, to free mobile games that will work on any phone, here’s a roundup of free games guaranteed to entertain. If you have your laptop or gaming console with you, we’ve also included a list of free PC and console games that will work on a variety of devices.

Road Trip Games

These games are simple and fun and will entertain adults, too. The best part is that they don’t require any internet or cell connection.

  • While You Were Sleeping: The goal in this game is to create a story and convince the sleeping person it's true when they wake up.
  • 21 Questions: The goal is for each player to try and guess what another person in the car is thinking in 21 questions or less. Repeating questions is not allowed. If a player guesses correctly, they get to start the next round of questions.
  • Alphabet Categories: Starting with the letter A, players can list items that start with the same letter in a given category, like fruit or landmarks.

Free Mobile Games

These games combine clean, beautiful visuals with deceptively easy puzzles to solve.

  • Color Road: In this free game for Android, the user must roll a ball through a line of balls that all have the same color, while avoiding balls that have a different color.
  • Bubble Shooter: This is a free game for Android that follows the classic bubble pop format. There are over 2,000 puzzle levels to keep users entertained for hours.
  • PinOut: This is a fun and imaginative pinball game for iPhone. There are high-colored visuals and deceptively easy pinball routes.
  • Threes! Free: This puzzle game is available for both Android and iPhone. The object of the game is to match numbers to form combinations of threes.

Free PC and Console Games

Today’s free PC and console games boast visuals and gameplay that rival some of their costlier cousins.

  • Fortnight Battle Royal: The storyline takes place on an island with a shrinking safe zone. Players compete either alone with other players to find weapons and supplies in order to survive.
  • Path of Exile: This action RPG allows players to loot caves and dungeons, destroy supernatural monsters, and customize their attack style with different weapons and attack speeds.
  • Blacklight: Retribution: This game is similar to Call of Duty, but is slightly more tactical and has a cyberpunk edge.
  • Planetside 2: Planetside 2 is one of the oldest free PC/console games. Battles in the game can take place at night, during the day, on foot, or in the air. The futuristic world of the game adapts and upgrades each time the user joins the fray.