Gathering Donations and Fundraising for Charity Has Never Been So Simple!

Working for a nonprofit organization or charity can feel rewarding. Most of these organizations are trying to do a little good in this world (Or at least not commit active evil).


However, charities and non profit organizations often need help to stay afloat financially. This is where donations come in play. 

Donating to a charity can have many benefits. Giving to many charities can provide tax benefits as that money isn’t taxable. Many people simply feel better after giving to charities and knowing they have given to the less fortunate. However, it can be difficult getting donations, fundraising and tracking sponsorships. One of the best ways to keep track of the myriad of transactions and activities involved is through the use of fundraising software. 

Gathering Donations

Gathering donations for a charity or fundraiser is important. Donations can be accepted in a number of different ways. The most obvious is monetarily. This can come through cash, credit card, or direct transfer. Since there’s transactions involved, they need to be properly tracked and registered. 

Donations can also come in the form of volunteer time or goods donated. For example, a non profit homeless shelter would take donations in the form of clothing, hygiene products and other necessary convenient items to live easily. 

Sponsoring Others

One way to contribute to charity and people around you is by sponsoring others as they perform acts. Essentially, they are volunteering to do something impressive in order to gather donations. Marathons or long bicycle rides are very common vectors for sponsorship. 

Part of sponsoring someone may involve giving more money depending on the level of excellence they achieve. Many children raise money for charity through walkathons or other cumulative situations. Each mile they cover raises more money and they are sponsored by the mile. This promotes the child for doing their best and rewards the charity more. 


Fundraising can be tricky. Small organizations often need to try to do some fundraising to help with their operations. Churches for example often need to do some fundraising to assist with maintenance costs and unexpected running costs. This can be done through events like the traditional bake and rummage sales, or through straight requests. 

Fundraising is now done online more than anywhere else. It can often be done through websites like gofundme or others. Personal life incidents are also rather common. Helping fund people after an emergency, like a house burning down due to fire can be a great way to help those in need directly. 

Fundraising Software

For a nonprofit organization, charity, or even an individual, fundraising software can make things much easier. Fundraising software will allow people to set up donation websites, send out emails or complete transactions. Many offer special features like “matching donation” setups where each donation will be matched by the creator. Fundraising software also tracks donations and allows organizations to get in touch with past donors to see if they may be able to assist again in the future. Some of the very best fundraising software includes: 

  • Snowball
  • Soapbox Engage
  • DonorSearch Online Tools
  • Bloomerang
  • Qgiv
  • DonateKindly
  • Morweb
  • 99Pledges
  • Double The Donation

These software offerings are perfect when it comes to smaller nonprofit organizations. Many individuals looking to raise money may do so through fundraising pages online. This is done through the website of the charity or organization they are working for. They may not realize it, but they are almost assuredly taking advantage of fundraising software as they do so.