Get Your Questions About Laser Hair Removal Answered

For many people, unsightly hair on their body is a problem. They simply feel more confident and better about themselves when they manage to go without their body hair.

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That confidence can translate into better social lives and more confidence at work. 

After what has likely been years of shaving, waxing or yanking off hair in any number of ways, laser hair removal offers up a safe and permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair. Permanent hair removal through lasers has continued to be more common and it will continue to do so. There are many people who have questions about the procedure though. Hopefully some of those questions can be addressed in this article. 

The 5 Important Questions

1: Where Do People Get Laser Hair Removal? 

A: The answer to this is different for everyone. Many women like to get laser hair removal on their upper lip because their body hair is darker. Others prefer to get it on their hands and feet, as they feel that there’s too much body hair there. Getting laser hair removal on the legs, arms or through a bikini line can cut down on the hours manual removal will sometimes take. The underarm area is of particular interest to many women. Many men have chosen to get laser hair removal on their back, butt and necks. More men are also getting laser hair removal performed on their chests, but this is not as popular yet. 

2: What’s a Laser Hair Treatment Session Like? 

A: Each patient will need to ensure the skin in the requested area is available to the air. From there, the laser will flash at each hair follicle. The follicle takes in the energy, which is too much for it and it becomes damaged. As it becomes more damaged, it will no longer create new hair. Treatment time will depend on the size of the area being treated. Obviously a large man’s back will take longer than someone’s lip. Typically, treatments are pretty quick and finish between 15 and 30 minutes into the session. 

3: Are Things Finished After One Session? 

A: Unfortunately, one treatment isn’t enough for permanent results. Each treatment should be completed when the hair is at relatively full growth, so they can’t be done right after the other either. Most people take between 3 and 6 treatments to get permanent results they want. This doesn’t mean people won’t notice results as the treatments are ongoing. Hair will grow back thinner and less noticeable. The skin will also become much smoother. 

4: How Much Does it All Cost? 

A: Each treatment will have a different cost depending on the area being worked on. Smaller areas can cost as low as $50 per treatment, while large swaths of the body can cost somewhere around $900. The average cost of a treatment is around $300. It’s important to remember that it will take multiple sessions to get permanent results. Make sure the price you’re being quoted is understood, and you’re not expecting to pay for multiple treatments when they are quoting you for a single treatment. 

5: Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?  

A: The answer to this isn’t quite as clear. It’s certainly beneficial in terms of convenience and comfort. There’s no need to perform acts of hair removal. Some areas can be very expensive though. In the long term, it can save money. Some studies have been done to show that permanent hair treatments are equivalent to about 12 years of waxing costs. It can be more expensive long term in comparison to other, less expensive hair loss methods. However, it’s rare that people who get laser hair removal regret it. It’s quite simply one thing about their body that they know is always going to be exactly how they want it to be.

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