Help Design Your Perfect Business Logo

The logo has its earliest origins in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics used symbols to represent ownership and to communicate that ownership to others. The Greek word, logos, means word.


From logos came the combined word, logography, a combination of logo and -graphy. Graphy is a suffix that means picture, recording, representation or writing. This term referred to the use of symbols or characters to create words. From this word came the English word, logogram. During the 1930’s, the word was shortened to logo. It became a sort of shorthand or symbol that made a statement to those who saw and recognized it. Over the years, owners have signaled their ownership with personally designed logos.

Creating Your Own Logo

Creating your own logo is a fun, learning experience, but it should not be taken lightly either. After all, this is your word picture and message to the business world. It makes a very important statement about you, your business and the product that business produces. It is your introduction and representation to the public at large. The public is your customer base. Customers are absolutely critical for your business success. Keep the following overarching standards in mind as you set about creating your own personal statement to your consumers.

  • Style – Nothing else sets the tone for your representative statement more than style. By style, I mean overall appearance and impression. Your style should match your business. For instance, if your business is a serious business like finance, construction, medicine, or law, your logo should not be cartoon-like.
  • Content – The goal of your logo is a precise idea exchange. That design must accomplish that idea exchange at a glance. Consequently, you must keep it simple and concise. Images do the best, most efficient job of idea transfer. Include an image either of your product or some aspect of that product’s creation.

If all this sounds like more than you think you can confidently undertake on your own, there is ample help. Check out the resource ideas below.

Logo Design Resources

Many sign businesses have an in-house design department. A quick phone call to your local sign shops can quickly give you an idea if that is a viable option. If you know local artists, perhaps they will work with you to develop your logo ideas. Print shops also usually offer some logo design options. There are also computer programs and apps that you can learn to use and produce your business logo. You can usually find a free logo maker by typing the search term into your web browser. The instructions for using a free logo maker are pretty simple and straightforward.

Most often, the best route is a logo design business. If you want a truly professional job done, in one location, with the fastest turnaround times, logo designers are the ultimate source. Logo design is their only business and central focus. They are the most adept logo producers.

Online Logo Makers

In this age of the internet, most things we need are accessible through the keyboard and search engines. The same holds true of an online logo maker. There are both fast free logo design and there are also design companies you can hire. The issue with hiring online is first finding the legitimate logo makers and then finding the one that works best for what you want.

The free ones are available for you to visit and try at no cost. Two of the better free ones included Designhill and Online Logo Maker. There are plenty of good logo makers included Deluxe and These will provide you your logo in dozens of different forms and file types. They store the lines and shapes of your logo in math-formula format. Vector files use less data, and this makes the storage file smaller. The smaller size gives them greater adaptability for creating different sizes and versions of the logo image.

Whether your logo generator is a free do-it-yourself or done by a professional, get that logo done. You also need to be sure you get it right the first time. Changing logos after they have public saturation can be hazardous to a company’s health.