Help Desk Software is a Boon to Business

When a company is trying to find ways to improve their business, one of the first things that they may turn to is software. There are many different types of software which can improved the efficiency of a company, but help desk software is among the highest.


Any company can use help desk software, regardless of size. It allows for better communication internally between employees and externally with customers or vendors. Help desks centralize communication and troubleshooting into one great thing. In addition, help desk software can be easily hosted in the cloud, to allow companie to have access at their fingertips anywhere! There are many different types of help desk software. The best suites may combine some of these types into an all in one tool.

1 - Ticketing

This is the most common form and use of help desk software that is out there. Ticketing software works to catalogue complaints or concerns by a level of importance. Tickets are created, and then eventually resolved. Help desk software will keep people involved in the tickets updated throughout the process to assist in determining follow up actions or contacts that are needed.

Tickets can start from internal sources or from external sources depending on how the company wants to use the software. It’s very common to have both running at the same time for help desk agents to work on resolving.

2 - Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is one of the best types of help desk software offerings. Unlike some other help desk software options, when a ticket is created in incident reporting software, solutions may already be offered up for items that are analyzed and deemed to be trivial.

Incidents can happen anywhere in a business, and the reporting software need to ensure that it can accept them from multiple locations like email, live chats or even via text message. Incident reporting works hand in hand with asset management, to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

3 - Cloud Help Desk

Cloud help desk software is perfect for a mobile business. Rather than being hosted on specific computers or servers, cloud help desk software is of course hosted on a cloud server. This means that there will be access portals to cloud help desk software from any mobile device.

Cloud help desk options will typically either run through a specific application, or through a browser portal. This second option is often the most convenient, but it also presents a few more security concerns than a dedicated application.

4 - Enterprise Help Desk

Enterprise help desk software works at analyzing and decision making within the help desk paradigm. There is a focus on analytics from help desk tickets created. The belief is that proper analytics can work to determine trends. From developing trends, it’s possible to make informed decisions about future aspects of a business.

5 - IT Help Desk

Help Desk software is crucial in the IT world. Software and applications are continually prone to bugs and issues. It can often take multiple people or teams to help resolve bugs and help desk software is the way to let them collaborate.     

A company using help desk software would create a ticket for every bug in their software reported by the quality assurance department or a customer. If it is something like a dangerous security problem, that’s going to be scaled up in importance than perhaps a reported conflict with an old operating system. The company can then work through the bug, constantly updating the help desk software until it is resolved. Upon being resolved, the software can be configured to send out and notify everyone involved of the resolution.