How Can You Keep Your Dog Healthy?

Just like a human, dogs also suffer from maladies and health issues. While some are obscure, issues like heartworm, arthritis and allergies are very common and affect a lot of different dogs.


Obviously, they aren’t able to do anything to help themselves except try to live through it.

Helping a dog through their medical issues is a great thing for people to do. The best way to do this is usually through medication to cure things, or through supplement to help prevent them in the first place. Dogs don’t often enjoy taking medications, so it’s up to their owners to help them take care!

Dog Allergies

Just like humans, many dogs have allergies. Allergies are strong reactions to factors both internal or external that can cause swelling and itching. In the worst scenarios, allergic reactions can lead to pain and death. There are many different allergies that dogs will suffer from.

The most common locations for allergies is in what a dog eats. Many of the most common allergies will come from the food a dog eats. It can be tricky to spot if it’s a minor allergy, with the physical manifestation hiding beneath their fur isn’t always obvious. A dog itching specifically in the same place is a manifestation of a potential allergy.

Other things that cause dog allergies include human food and insects. Some of the most severe allergic reactions will occur from bee and wasp stings. Many dogs may suffer from extreme swelling from these stings and be.

To treat dog allergies, the first step is usually much the same as it is for humans. The same antihistamines that work for humans also work for dogs! However, people need to take pause before they start putting allergy medication in peanut butter. It’s crucial to know dosage amounts before doing anything like that. Calling a vet should be the first thing done. They can explain further actions from there.

Arthritis for Dogs

As a dog ages, it’s more likely that they will develop medical problems. Arthritis is one of the more common things that an elderly dog can come up against. As a dog slows down, it’s often due to their joints causing them pain, rather than merely a complete loss of energy.

When checking with your vet, they will likely prescribe some medications or some supplements to assist in reducing inflammation in both severity and in frequency.

One of the best ways to manage this with dogs is by preparing for it. Arthritic dogs take some time to warm up their joints, so let them do small amounts of short walking before considering a longer one. Try to let them walk on softer surfaces that helps reduce impact. Finally, anything that can be done to avoid forcing them to jump or go up and down stairs is a blessing for an arthritic dog.


Heartworm is often a forgotten disease, but the chance of a dog getting heartworm is only about 1 in 200! Heartworm is a serious disease that requires some very painful injections to treat. Therefore, when it comes to heartworm, the best treatment option is working on prevention.

There is a lot of treatments which can be used to work on prevention. One of the most common is supplements featuring herbal ingredients. These supplements work to help a dog with their overall health and prevent heartworm.