How Important is Roadside Assistance?

There’s something inherently worrisome about having a car break down. They are supposed to be the reliable chariot of the people. But it’s going to happen to everyone at some point.


Either the car is going to refuse to start, or potentially it’s going to shut down mid travel. While it would be nice for every incident to occur outside a mechanics place while they aren’t busy, the truth is that car breakdowns seem to happen at the most inconvenient times possible.

Thankfully, there is Roadside assistance available to people. Roadside assistance comes in various forms, but the most common is a membership or subscription form. Typically it’s a yearly fee that is paid to ensure that roadside assistance is taken care of for another year. There’s a lot of great roadside assistance programs out there.


Towing is a vital aspect of roadside assistance. While some problems can be fixed at a location (like running out of gas), most will require moving the vehicle to a repair shop. That’s where towing comes into play. Roadside assistance usually includes some sort of towing, but it’s one detail that everyone should be very familiar with. Towing is often only for a short range each year. If it seems like it might go beyond that, there may be excessive extra fees.

Roadside Assistance Services and Subscriptions

The good news is that people have a choice in their roadside assistance provider. There are many different  companies that offer excellent roadside assistance programs. What follows are some of the most important roadside assistance providers.

  • Allstate Motor Club - Allstate is one of the best options available and comes in with prices of $52 and $99 for their two membership levels. Unlike most, they allow towing by cost, rather than by the mile. They reimburse up to $100 or $250 of towing costs.
  • AAA - To many, this is the first name in roadside assistance. AAA has been active for decades and is well known for helping people anywhere. AAA is well known for their premium membership which runs at $119 per year. It’s full of excellent bonus features. The basic membership is $56 and has limited 5 miles of towing available yearly. The premium membership has 200.
  • AARP Roadside Assistance - Unsurprisingly, this plan is only available to AARP members or people who could quality for the AARP. While the basic membership has a similar cost to others, the premium membership is only $74, making it an excellent value.
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance - Good Sam has a more expensive basic membership coming in at $80, but it also allows for unlimited towing! Good Sam is an excellent service and people certainly get what they pay for if their vehicle breaks down even once.
  • BP Motor Club - One of the more expensive options, the BP Motor Club has plenty of additional perks. It even offers discounts on car rentals or on hotels. The downside is that the basic membership is a more expensive than others at $78.
  • Better World Club - The Better World Club offers solid plans running from $59 to $95. It has the fairly standard ranges of 5 to 100 miles worth of towing. While it has good pricing, it does come up short in one area. Other roadside assistance plans reimburse a lot more money for lockpick services, so be sure to be extra careful with your keys on this plan!