How to Track Your Shipping

Whether you are placing an order online, you have spoken to a customer service representative on the phone, or you have ordered an item while at the store, one of your most pressing concerns is when is your item going to arrive.

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You may have a special occasion that means your order needs to get to you by a certain deadline. You could be purchasing a present for someone. You may be in the middle of a project and your purchase is the only way that you can finish. Regardless of what you have ordered, why you have ordered it, and when you need it, shipping tracking can help you to know exactly when you can expect your package to arrive at your doorstep. In order to track your purchases, you can utilize a variety of resources to get accurate information.

Which Services Offer Shipping Tracking?

When it comes to shipping tracking, it is going to depend on who is actually transporting your package. You can find essential information from the following shipping providers:

  • UPS
  • DHL Express
  • Federal Express
  • The US Postal Service
  • Mercury Shipping

When you make any kind of purchase, you should be given a tracking number. This information is usually sent in a confirmation email or you may be provided with this number when you make your purchase in person. You can check your shipping tracking online. Go to the website of the company that is delivering your package and enter the shipping tracking. You'll find a spot where you will enter your tracking number. Once you do, you will be given a list of the locations where your package has been as it makes its way to you. You'll also have a timeline for when you can expect your package.

If you don't know which company is shipping your package or you want to choose a more convenient way to hunt for your purchase, provides you with one-stop tracking options. You'll find an online form where you will enter your tracking number. Regardless of what company is responsible, you can be up to date about the status of your package.

If you have lost your tracking number or you haven't had any luck performing a search on your own, the human connection could be the best way to go for you. Contact the company where you purchased your item. A customer service representative will be able to assist you in locating your package so you can breathe easier once again.

Shipment Disputes or Lost Parcels

Once you have tracked your package, you will know when you should expect it to arrive. You can make arrangements to ensure someone is available on the arrival day to collect your package. If your package does not arrive, you can contact the shipping provider. You can also contact the seller to try and determine what happened. You are going to need to do some research and be persistent. If no one is able to locate your package, you can file a claim concerning a lost package. Most companies will work with you to refund your money. Discuss the matter with the company that sold your item. You may find that they will simply issue you a refund. The most important thing you can do is:

  • Act quickly and notify the company about your lost package
  • File a claim for a lost package
  • Make sure you are properly reimbursed by the seller or the shipping provider

For the most part, packages arrive in a timely manner at the right location. However, there is the risk of a lost package. The shipping label could be filled out improperly or it could become damaged. In some cases, the label falls off the package. Theft is another possibility. Regardless of why your shipment hasn't made it to the proper destination, you have options that can help you to make up for your loss. Pursue every avenue to reclaim your lost funds or have another package delivered to you. When all else fails, the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General may be able to assist you in resolving any disputes. Each company should have a complaint department as well. Make sure you keep all of your documentation to help you to file any claims.

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