Information Needed to Perform an Inmate Search

Incarceration is common. During the course of their lifetime, a significant percentage of the American population will get arrested and spend at least some time behind bars.

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An arrest and even a short prison stay can be quite a shock. Those who get arrested often have many other types of commitments including a job, a family and other obligations they need to meet. The American incarceration system is vast. In many states, thousands of people are arrested each year. Many are sent to jail and then to prison where they become part of the department of corrections. The person who is arrested may face all sorts of charges as well as being out of touch with family members and supervisors when this takes place. Fortunately, there are ways to locate any inmate. People frequently need to get in touch with inmates. Finding an incarcerated person is possible with the help of an inmate search.

What is Inmate Search?

All those who enter any form of corrections are subject to certain regulations and rules as they go through the system. This includes the requirement to present legal identification and other documentation first. This documentation they provide gives the department of corrections detailed information that may not be available by any other means such as their date of birth, any legal names they've used in the past and their current immigration status. The corrections system is divided into jail and prison. Jail is a temporary stay. Inmates in jail have generally not been convicted of a crime. Those in prison have been convicted of a certain crime and are serving out their sentence. While in either community, the department of corrections keeps detailed records about every single inmate. An inmate search allows the person searching to look up specific information about any given person in jail or prison. Inmate searches can be completed online quickly and easily.

What Information is Available?

Many types of information are available as part of an inmate search. The type of information the person can find may depend on several factors including the inmate's location as well as state and federal laws. In most cases, it's possible to find certain basic information about the inmate online. This includes the person's exact legal name. It also includes general confirmation that they are indeed housed in a given facility at the present time. Searches can also indicate the person's race, their date of birth and what laws they have broken. Those who are searching may be asked for certain types of information before they can get access to any other information. For example, the database used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons may ask for BOP Register Number, an FBI Number or an INS Number. These sites are maintained for the general public's use. Keep in mind that such sites do not guarantee that all information found will be accurate or even up to date. A prisoner may have been transferred to another facility recently. In that case, they may still be listed at the prior facility even though they have been moved to another location. Any inmate search may offer information about the inmate that is incomplete or outdated.

Common Reasons to Use Inmate Search

There are many reasons to use an inmate search. Crime victims will often wish to know the status of an attacker including if they are presently in prison or they've been let out on parole. An employer may need to find out if why their employee hasn't shown up for work for a few days. A relative may choose to hire a lawyer to represent a family member. The lawyer needs to know many details about the case. In many instances, a family member may not know such details off hand. Husbands and wives need to know the status of their partners and when they can be expected to be released. A parent might want to find the child's father in order to let them know they have a child and they expect the other parent to help support the child once they've been released. Reporters want to confirm that all details of a criminal case are exactly correct as they write a story about a local or national crime. All of these people are searching for reliable and accurate data about the person in question. These details can help people stay in touch with loved ones, fight convictions they feel are unjust and make someone feel safer knowing that the person who did something wrong to them is behind bars right now.

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