Lost Your Wallet or Purse? Replacing Your Identity Cards Can Be a Hassle

Losing an identity card can put an individual at risk for identity theft. In addition to this danger, losing these cards also makes it a challenge to go about one’s daily life.

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While the best advice for replacing these identity cards is to avoid losing them in the first place, accidents happen and at times losing an identity card is unavoidable.

Replacing these important cards often requires a fair amount of paperwork and a lot of patience. The government makes the process of acquiring replacements rather difficult to reduce the likelihood of identity theft. While this is beneficial in most cases, it can cause a headache for someone that has accidentally misplaced their identity cards. The following information explains in detail how an individual can replace a driver’s license, a green card, permanent resident card, as well as how to get a DOT number.

Replacing Your Driver’s License Online

A driver's license is typically every individual’s go-to when it comes to proving their identity. If this card is lost, it is illegal to operate a vehicle and can be difficult to prove one’s identity without any additional form of ID once a license is lost. As soon as it is clear that a person’s driver's license is missing, it is important to take actions to replace it. This process won’t be as complicated if an individual has other forms of ID to prove their identity.

Each state has their own process for replacing a driver’s license and some states offer online replacements. The DMV website will explain the process for an individual’s state of residence. With online replacements, the typical fee is $25. When reviewing this process, it is important to follow any additional information that explains what to do if the licenses has been stolen or otherwise misplaced.

In order to get the copy of their license, an individual has to prove their identity through their driver’s license number, vehicle identification number, license plate number, Social Security number, or birth date. In some cases, an individual may be required to report the missing license to law enforcement. Some states may waive the cost of the copy of a license once the card is reported stolen or lost.

Replacing Your Green Card

A green card is an individual’s physical proof that they can work and live in the United States. Adults over the age of 18 are required to carry this identity card with them at all time as proof of residence. Known as the Permanent Resident Card, lost or stolen green cards need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Permanent residents that need to replace a misplaced or stolen green card can do so by applying for a replacement with the E-filing Form I-90 or the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card.

Replacing a Permanent Resident Card

A green card or permanent resident card should be replaced if it was stolen or lost, but must also be replaced in the following situations:

  • It was issued before an individual‘s 14th birthday (unless the card expired before the 16th birthday)
  • If the card was used for an individual with commuter status that is applying for permanent residence
  • If the card was used for a permanent resident that now wants to take up commuter status
  • An individual’s status has converted into permanent resident status
  • The card is outdated or the individual has a previous version (e.g., Form I-151. Form AR-103, or Form AR-3)
  • The card contains inaccurate information
  • The individual’s name has been changed
  • The individual did not receive their previous card issued by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

Getting a Dot Number

DOT numbers are issued through the United States Department of Transportation. DOT numbers are used to identify owners of commercial vehicles. This number is also used to ensure the driver complies with regulations and is adhering to safety practices.

To apply for a DOT number, drivers must fill out an application. This process takes around an hour and twenty minutes. The following information is needed to fill out this application:

  • The company’s Employer Identification Number or EIN
  • The tax identification number
  • The driver’s Social Security number
  • The names of the company’s officers, as well as the titles for those officers

Once this information is ready, one can apply for the DOT number by visiting the registration website. After reading through several pages of directions, an applicant will be able to complete the form. The DOT number can be renewed through a similar process.

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