Make Sure They Know You Care With a Great E Card

One of the benefits of the spread of the internet has been an increase in the number of ways you can get in touch with someone. This is especially true when it comes to recognizing a family member, friend or acquaintance on a special occasion like a birthday, holiday, graduation or similar event.


Prior to the advent of the internet, your options were to call them, see them in person or send them a letter or card in the mail. There are downsides to all of those from a standpoint of ease and convenience. Now, you’re able to send them an ECard if you choose, which has a number of benefits. For one, ECards aren’t very expensive, and in some cases are free. They can be interactive, and may feature music, video, pictures or other forms of media. You can send them the day of the event and they’ll get there immediately. In addition, you can frequently personalize them to your tastes.

ECard Events

An ECard can be appropriate for just about any event you choose. Given the low cost and convenience factor, just about any occasion is good, from the most important events to a simple, ‘I was thinking of you’ occasion.

Obviously, ECards are great as birthday cards. There are literally thousands of designs and themes for birthdays online, letting you tailor your message perfectly to the recipient.

Major holidays such as Christmas or other similar religious holidays are common ECards with a wide range of potential options. Major milestones in a person’s life are another appropriate time for an ECard, from graduation to marriage to the birth of a child. They are great for getting a new job, a promotion, or buying a house. Any big day in a person’s life is a great time to send an ECard.

And you can also send ECards during the small times too. ECards function perfectly as greeting cards, reaching out to say ‘Hi’ and express some pleasant sentiment. And you can send ECards expressing condolences or comfort during sad times as well.

Finding ECards Online

There are many resources at your disposal if you’d like to find and send an ECard. If anything, there are so many resources that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. If you’ve never ordered an online ECard before, your best bet is to do some ‘shopping around’ before you settle on anything. A quick search engine query will produce a plethora of websites offering all sorts of ECards.

Don’t just settle for the first one you find – Go to at least a handful of sites and look around. Most websites offering ECards will tend to have a style and setup that’s unique to their site. Some will offer more interactive cards, or cards that contain multimedia elements. Some sites will allow for more robust customization, which may or may not be what you’re looking for. Once you’ve checked out multiple websites and found one that fits both your specifications as far as style and theme and also your price range, you’re ready to order and send it.

If you’ve chosen an ECard that costs money, you’ll need to pay before you receive the card. You’ll need to provide the email address of the person you will send the card to. Provide that information, and the card will be delivered within moments in most cases. Many sites offer an option where you can specify a date and time at which it will be sent, if you want to order in advance.

Free vs. Paid

You can find free ECards online, or you can go with options which cost money. Each have pros and cons, and your choice will depend on your wishes and your circumstances. The obvious pro to ordering a free ECard is that you’re not out any money. This means you can pretty much send ECards whenever you want without stretching your budget. If you’ve got a big rolodex of friends, acquaintances and clients, free ECards might be perfect for you. Paid ECards, on the other hand, might require a little more deliberation when deciding when you want to spend that money for a little bit extra. Paid ECards tend to be more elaborate, with better use of multimedia. Often times, the designs are a little bit more sophisticated or original. If you really want to make a strong impression or show someone you care, a paid ECard might be the way to go.