Make Sure You Always Have the Right Outdoor Gear For These Activities

The term “outdoorsman” is still used today for anyone who enjoys getting out and taking advantage of the incredible beauty of nature. Whether you’re someone who loves the tranquil sounds of birds as you hike, or want to wade through rivers for fly fishing, you can qualify yourself as an outdoorsman. 


However, when you take part in some activities, you need to make sure you have the right outdoor gear and equipment to do them right. In some cases, without the right gear, you could potentially injure yourself. In others, you just won’t get the full experience that you’re hoping to get. So when you’re heading out, make sure you have everything you need for a great day out. 

1 - Hiking Gear

Hiking gear starts with the boots or shoes being used. They should have a thick sole and provide solid traction and protection. Keep in mind many comfortable shoes like basketball or running shoes can be a negative. Hiking on smaller rocks can be very uncomfortable with these shoes not providing enough support. A lightweight and comfortable backpack is important. It should be filled with water, some kind of food in case it’s necessary. Clothing should be breathable and let you stay cool during your hike. If you’re hiking somewhere unfamiliar and remote, taking a gps device and satellite phone with you will ensure that you don’t get lost somewhere dangerous. 

2 - Camping Gear 

Camping is a wonderful time out in the wilderness. Be sure to bring a tent that will easily provide space for all people involved. A good low temperature sleeping bag combined with a sleeping mat will make sure that you stay warm overnight. Always make sure you’re bringing adequate food. This even includes if you are intending to catch and find your own. A proper camp stove can make sure you cook everything up properly. If you prefer the open fire, bring a grill to place over it and keep your food out of the flames! You’re also going to want to bring sufficient water to stay hydrated. The camping stove will also allow you to boil water if you run out and need some clean drinking water. 

3 - Fishing Gear

Now we’re really talking about specialized gear. Typically a fishing trip may also include camping or hiking, so all of that can be necessary as well. For fishing, obviously fishing rods will be necessary. If you’re going fly fishing, you’ll need a proper set of waders to enter into the water. If you’re planning on staying on land, not as big of an issue. You’ll need a tackle box with lures and bait to try to catch the fish of your preference. You’ll also need an appropriate knife in order to fillet and clean your fish, regardless if you’re planning to eat it fresh or bring it home. Don’t forget a net to make reeling things in easier! 

4 - Birdwatching Gear

Birdwatching is a popular and enjoyable experience that requires minimal equipment. All the equipment for hiking is usually a good starting point. In addition, a visual aid is going to be necessary. For some people it’s a good pair of binoculars. This lets you spot the bird in question and confirm which type it is. In the past, birdwatchers would bring a book with them, so that they can note which birds they have spotted throughout the world. Now, that is often available in digital form or an app, but the classic bird book is fun to have! 

5 - Canoe/Kayak Gear

Let’s start with the most obvious thing. If you’re going to take to a river or lake in a canoe or kayak, you want to make sure your boat of choice is in good condition and safe to use. It’s no good trying to recover from a leaky canoe or kayak in the middle of a lake, hundreds of meters from shore. A good set of lifejackets for everyone travelling should be included. They should fit properly, so try them out beforehand. Finally, don’t overlook a waterproof container for items like a phone and potentially a flare gun. A flare put up in the right place can be important in case of an unexpected injury.