Sales Enablement Helps Companies

Every sales manager talks about sales enablement these days. Non-stop stream of sales data can hurt productivity and become overwhelming. Sales enablement platforms turn the data into a valuable asset.

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Definition of the sales enablement is different for every company. Processes involved in establishing and maintaining a sales enablement platform for your company are not defined in the beginning.

The right approach is to test several things to find what is right for your company. Some companies find that fresh web content for their sales team works well. Popular products of the sales enablement process include: new onboarding strategies, updated sales process, proposal templates, e-books and case studies for lead generation.The goal is to help the sales team improve sales productivity and drive revenue.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement gives sales teams strategic resources to succeed. It makes the team capable to sell more company products to meet their sales quotas as quickly as possible. Sales enablement goals are buyer oriented. They help sellers to target the right buyers. Equipped with the right sales enablement solutions, the sellers will find the right buyers and keep them engaged during the entire customer's journey to the closing of the sale.

Going from marketing to sales is a smooth process with the customized sales enablement platform used by a company. Marketing departments provide content that helps to sell the company’s products. The sales department has to use it effectively or alert the marketing department in case it does not work.

Benefits of Sales Enablement

It is not easy to name all the benefits. So this article will concentrate on the ones that produce the most significant results. They include:

  • Sales Enablement Allows Accelerating Product Education for the Buyers - Company employees have deep knowledge of their products. Salespeople have questions about the products. They need to use insights and the expertise of the employees for their presentations to the buyers. Every company can have a product forum that serves as part of the sales enablement platform. People can ask questions, get answers, and use them in sales presentations. Better communication between makers and sellers opens more opportunities to communicate.
  • Personalized Account Approach - A one-size-fits-all approach to solving challenging personal and business problems does not work. Sales enablement tools allow sellers to personalize their messages, presentations, and value propositions to buyers. Creation of sales collateral materials by combining data from different sources and fresh content becomes easy and fast. Sales documents and proposals can be customized and updated easily.
  • Measurable Improvement of Sales Data - Companies collect data and analyze it. They know customers' pain points, personas and buyer preferences. All the data is available to salespeople through the sales enablement platforms. Sellers reach buyers using insightful data. The tailored approach leads to increased customer engagement.
  • Shorter Sales Cycles - Every company struggles to make their sales cycle shorter. Stronger sales data and better tools help. Now sales reps do not need to do lengthy research. They have everything they need to make connections with the decision makers more purposeful.

Popular Sales Enablement Software

The Most Innovative and Capable Sales Enablement Tool - Salesforce

Salesforce is the most popular cloud-based business applications software platform. It helps companies to stay connected to their prospects, customers, and partners.

This platform makes the sales easy to start and finish. Functions of Salesforce support marketing, customer needs, company management, and sales training. Salesforce has an applications store - the AppExchange. The store has free applications that can integrate Salesforce software to other systems. Forbes magazine awarded Salesforce with the World's Most Innovative Company title for four years in a row (2011-2014).

Zoho Makes Your Business Connected and Automated

Zoho is created for small to large-sized companies. People can run an entire business by using Zoho. It is a powerful software. The company makes it better every day by developing and implementing new features. Zoho has over 40 products included in the platform. All products communicate with one another. None of the products developed by Zoho need to be installed. They are all web-based. When a new product version is ready for everybody to use, all you need to do is refresh your page. Zoho software can be used on any internet-connected device. The software has offline capabilities.

International Customer Relationship Management Software Pipedrive

It keeps sales reps focused on sales. It is web-based sales management software. It has a customizable drag and drop visual interface.

When you log in, you will see immediately what kind of interaction with your customers is due today to keep the sales moving. Users can import and export contacts. Pipedrive has built-in statistics element to keep track of your sales success and failure. The software is easy to run.

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