Soothing Techniques To Keep Your Baby Happy

Every parent wants their baby to be comfortable, happy and healthy. However, it’s hard for babies to communicate what they want and what they desire. Their only option is to cry and let you know that “something” is amiss.

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Deciphering crying can be incredibly difficult for parents. 

There are also cases of babies who suffer from colic. Colic is common and can affect about 20% of infants. Babies with colic will cry for extended periods of time without stopping. The reasons are seemingly unknown. Dealing with a child with baby colic can be incredibly frustrating to the parent. The constant crying can wear mentally. However, there are methods to help soothe a child that’s got colic and can’t seem to stop crying. 

1 - Swaddling

Swaddling has been used for decades. At that age, most of a baby’s experience has been in the womb. Swaddling a baby provides them with the experience and feeling of being back in there. Proper swaddling technique is firm, but not so tight as to cause problems. Arms and legs shouldn’t be able to move freely and the baby should be on her back. Proper swaddling can reproduce the comfort of being back in the womb and often calms a baby. 

2 - Using a Pacifier

Babies who have colic or are uncomfortable will often find themselves comforted and soothed when they have been provided with a pacifier. All babies have a strong instinct to suck on things and a pacifier provides them a release for this instinct. Make sure pacifiers are clean and always have a back up. 

3 - Baby Massages

These are very different from what you might get to relieve stress and tension in muscles. A baby massage is an effort to induce skin to skin contact and help the baby feel calmer. Slow firm strokes on a baby’s arms, legs, back, chest, face and feet can help calm a crying or colicky baby. When done in a peaceful manner, this can often bring some comfort and relaxation to the parent as well! 

4 - Change Positions

Typically, when a parent is holding and soothing their child, they hold them face up so they can look them in the face and see what is occuring. Sometimes however, that’s not ideal. Holding your baby face down with their head on your forearm and hand/arm under their belly can actually make a big difference. This position can help babies who are suffering from gas, as the pressure on the stomach can help expel the gas. 

5 - White Noise 

Just like swaddling, white noise is a method to help a baby feel like it’s comfortable and back in the womb. There was background noise during that period, so replication can help. There’s many different items which can help with some white noise. Aside from the obvious white noise machines, a fan, dishwasher shower or low volume static fm radio can help. There’s also plenty of white noise apps available for whatever device you find convenient. 

6 - Driving Around the Block

There are many stories in which a parent has taken their child for a drive to help them stop crying and go to sleep. Much like other methodologies, driving can help an infant feel like they are womb bound. If you don’t want to drive, there are some other motion options as well. Holding your baby in a rocking chair helps. Vibrating infant seats can also give the motion that they are looking for.

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