The Best Music Sites to Stream

In our world that is constantly redefining the ways in which users interact with their media and music industry, finding music sites that allow you to easily listen to music legally is becoming increasingly difficult.

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However, this does not mean that the new normal is becoming harder to find, as streaming services and other free music streaming sites have seen an incredible boom in innovation and intuitive design over the past few years, but especially since 2013.

This is why we've compiled this list, to give you a definitive set of options to help you be able to browse the internet and listen to the music you want to without having to pay a cent or worry about legal complications. Through this, you can be able to expose yourself to the music you want to in a way that is safe.


Spotify is definitely the most notable streaming service you'll be able to find, boasting a large catalogue of songs and great weekly playlists that keep you coming back for more. Their definition of free streaming means that there are intermittent ads with the music you listen to, but the ads are brief and often pose little danger to the flow of the music you're listening to. If you come to really enjoy these ads, Spotify offers a paid service that lets you remove the ads, but—as far as free streaming services go—Spotify is definitely one of the best ones out there.


One of the most interesting things about Pandora is that it is a way to listen to music online for free, sure, but it functions more like a radio. People who use this site will be satisfied with how easy it is to use efficiently, giving users the power to specifically listen to playlists about certain artists, get recommendations that pair well with their favorite albums, or just dive into an entirely new genre through eye-opening radio stations. This is a perfect free music streaming website to use if you want to have access to incredibly well-curated, lively radio stations and playlists. One of the best parts about this service, though, is the flexibility it provides in situations where you may not know exactly what you want to listen to. Instead of having to worry about knowing precisely what you want to listen to, you can let the algorithm take you along for a ride, something that is incredibly useful in working situations. If you just need music on in the background for an indeterminate amount of time, Pandora provides the most flexbility in ways that are incredibly helpful for both casual and seasoned music fans.


Soundcloud is one of those websites that lets you have an incredible amount of variety, largely provided by the artists themselves for free. For those who are interested in getting music that may not even be published professionally or be the first to hear the newest, hippest artists, Soundcloud is a way for you to get closer to the artists you appreciate and also learn to appreciate artists you've never heard before they get big. Soundcloud also makes it easy for you to upload your own music, allowing you to not only make new friends but share your music with others who are interested in hearing something fresh. Many independent artists have taken to Soundcloud in recent years to stage premieres for their upcoming albums, so you'll often be able to find things that haven't been especially caught up by major labels and the majority of the music industry. Often you'll find underground producers who are sharing their latest mixes and drafts, making Soundcloud a gold mine for those who want to listen to often underrated music entirely for free.

Other Popular Sites

One of the most efficient and best ways to listen to music for free is Bandcamp, a website that allows artists to freely publish their work and charge whatever they want for it, mostly letting people stream and download entirely for free. This is important in a music industry that often can be confusing to those trying to get into doing music full-time, as the idea of having to push yourself in ways that are uncomfortable just to get exposure and be seen can be undesirable. Bandcamp is hands-down the best way to not only listen to the music you want to for free, but also help artists be reminded that there is still a music community that is thriving.

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