The Tuxedo is a Classic and Wonderful Look

In the world of formal menswear, few garments are as simple, classic, and elegant as a tuxedo. The always-in-style "black tie" look has been a favorite of well-dressed men for generations and is here to stay as the gold standard of formal attire.

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Though there are a few variations on acceptable formal looks, a black tuxedo with black bow tie and a black cummerbund or vest is the most popular. Of course, certain climates may dictate a white or cream jacket but those are more the exception than the norm. Regardless of how wonderful men look in a tuxedo, many men only find a few occasions on which to wear one; formal weddings, opening nights at the opera, gala dinners for a favorite charity, or voyages on some ocean liners are a few examples. Even so, it is a vital part of a man's wardrobe.

Origin of the Tuxedo Rental

Due to the limited opportunities most men have to wear a tuxedo, it may not make sense to purchase one. Decades ago, many formal wear companies came up with a rental program for tuxedos. This allows a man to be properly dressed when an event comes up but without having to take up space with a suit that may not fit the next time he needs to wear it. After the event is over, the renter simply returns the tuxedo to the company from which he rented it. The rentals usually include the proper shirt, shoes, and accessories so a person can get everything in one place rather than searching around; one-stop shopping usually saves both time and money.

Renting Tuxedos and Suits Online

With the explosion of the internet in the past 2 decades, many formal wear firms now allow renters to rent their tuxedos online; many firms are even completely online with no physical storefront. There often are discounted prices at online stores as the middleman is cut out, as are expensive real estate and labor costs. Ordering a rented tuxedo online can be as easy as picking out the style you like and selecting your measurements. It is then delivered to your home or office in time for your event; once you are done with it, you simply send it back.

Finding Local Tuxedo and Suit Rentals

While online rentals can be extremely convenient, there are cases when one may want to be fitted in person. Those with hard-to-find sizes or a desire for specialty accessories may benefit from a visit to a local formal wear shop. In addition to being properly fitted for a suit or tuxedo, in-person shopping also has the benefit of a second set of professional eyes. Customer service and a professional's opinion are two things a computer cannot replace. To find a local tuxedo rental store, there are a few options, such as:

  • Do an online search in your area;
  • Ask friends and family who have utilized the service; or
  • Look up options in your local phone book.

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