There Are Many Misconceptions About Timeshares

The allure of a vacation home is very strong. However, purchasing a home in another country can be wrapped in huge spools of red tape. In addition, buying a home is expensive.


If a person is buying it and counting on rental income from other vacationers, that also adds a whole host of issues as well. For many people, the answer to these issues is to purchase a timeshare.

Timeshares are often very misunderstood. People still see images of scammers trying to sell people expensive timeshares in terribly maintained places with huge yearly maintenance fees. Those kinds of timeshares were always scams on what is in essence a great idea. A timeshare allows a person to purchase a share in a vacation property. Typically these are condominiums that are being created and maintained by a resort. This allows the vacationer a great vacation location every year at far less expense than they would otherwise incur. Timeshares might not always be the best investment, but it’s crucial to remember the amount of joy they provide while owned.

Buying a Timeshare

Before buying a timeshare, it’s good to analyze if a timeshare is right for you. People who own timeshares really enjoy the location the timeshare is in. These are regular travellers who wish to make similar vacation decisions every year. If you are a person that wants to visit a place only once before heading to the next stop, a timeshare isn’t a great idea.

There’s two ways to buy a timeshare. The first is through a resort that has likely built and created the property to sell as timeshares. While these can be more expensive to start, the maintenance fees on something that is new tend to be much lower. In addition, new timeshares often have more modern features.

The second way to buy a timeshare is through a timeshare resale. This is from a current owner who is looking to move away from their timeshare. When going through a timeshare resale, it’s good to do research. Find out why the sale is trying to go through. Prices for resales can be incredibly low in locations which have higher maintenance fees.

Selling a Timeshare

As mentioned before, it’s possible to sell off a timeshare that was purchased in the past. There can be many different reasons for doing so, but generally the main reason is that the owner wishes to perhaps purchase one somewhere else or get some more diversity in their travel.

Typically, sellers may choose to use a timeshare real estate agent. These agents specialize in timeshares and nothing else. If the seller chooses to sell alone, there are many listing websites where a timeshare can be posted. These also have tools to help determine the value of the timeshare on the market. It’s important to know how much you are willing to accept. The secondary timeshare market is like any other market. It has hot times and cold times.

Timeshare Lawyers

There are times when a person may find themselves in a contract with a Timeshare where the resort has been misleading about the location. They may be attempting to gouge the timeshare owner for money. When there’s a conflict in the contract of a timeshare purchase, that’s the perfect time for a timeshare lawyer.

These lawyers specialize in assisting people who have been unlawfully damaged through their timeshare contract. They will work to help dissolve the contract, and in many cases gain back monetary damages. There are many wonderful timeshare stories and satisfied owners. However, being prepared for the worst case scenario and speaking with a timeshare lawyer before you buy is not a bad idea.