There are Multiple Methods for Managing ADHD

Medicine and knowledge is expanding. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, no one really had an idea about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children were just thought to be unfocused and out of control.


ADHD has always been there, just like many issues of the mind, it was not properly recognized until much later.

People born with ADHD and it’s less hyperactive cousin ADD will find their lives are different. They are known to have less concentration and often struggle with impulse control. Their activity levels can spike from very low to very high seemingly without cause. People who live with ADHD and ADD may choose medications to assist, but there are also many methods to assist in managing and promoting focus. When identified early and plans put into place early, ADHD can be kept under control. What follows are some great management methods for both children and adults who have ADD or ADHD.

1 - Short Lists of Tasks

Rather than have a large cumulative list of activities and projects that a person is working on, it’s a great idea to break up a day into several smaller groups. If a person with ADHD has a large number of things to do, there’s a better chance of them abandoning one thing to work on another. When a task list is small, even if the person is moving back and forth between tasks, they are accomplishing and completing some. The final task should always be to make the next list of things that need to be done. In this way, activities are more manageable and less stressful.

2 - Be Prepared

For tasks which require physical or mental work, gathering the materials together before beginning is a great step. This way, there’s no temptation to become distracted while going and looking for something that is missing.

3 - Take Advantage of Technology

There are many apps that are there for people to make their lives easier. A simple calendar app on a smartphone can keep a person on task and avoid missing important events, meetings or appointments.

4 - Don’t Overextend

It can be a difficult thing to say no when someone asks you to do something. People with ADHD will often take on far too many tasks at once and then be unable to complete them. Rather than choosing that option, try practicing refusing people’s requests. When in the workplace, keep the quality of work high, rather than poor at too many things.

5 - Have the Right Environment

Distractions can come from many different places for different people. Visual distractions are often one of the most difficult to handle. For people working in an office, simply attempt to minimize distractions and keep a desk facing a wall with minimal decoration. The same can be said for home. Make one area of the house very calming with almost no visual distraction. This can be a great place to go to think or to complete a person project.

6 - Make Notes

A lot of people with ADHD find themselves spontaneously coming back or elaborating on a thought they had earlier in the day. This can result in some great ideas and plans. It can also however cause some serious distraction and get someone off topic. Whether by hand or on a device, make notes of thoughts and set aside some time each day to go over them with more focus.

7 - Exercise

There’s a lot of reasons to exercise when it comes to health. For ADHD is tends to calm the mind and relieve stress. For many it will also make them feel better as a mood booster. Some sufferers swear by hikes and other outdoor exercise as a way for them to relax. Others choose Yoga to try and relieve their stress. Exercise is a great option for ADHD.