These 7 Fall Fashion Looks Work For Any Woman

Fall offers a unique opportunity for fashion unlike the other seasons. The vibrancy of summer style matures into the more muted but put together looks of autumn.


The beautiful colors make for some of the most fascinating and classy ensembles that can be put together. This fall is no different. Modern fall fashion tends to take classic motifs and then apply some exciting and modern twists to them. Check out some of these great fall fashion looks and see if they work for you! Remember, you don’t need to partake of every trend, but it’s always exciting to try out something new and fun! Whether you’re into high fashion, or just want to look good when taking a trip to the store, this year as the leaves fall, look your best! 

1 - Jewel Tones Are Everywhere

Fall colors are often known for the nature around them. Beautiful browns and muted oranges are typically the name of the game. It’s a safe and comfortable choice. This fall however, another type of color scheme is pushing in. Jewel tones are completely in style. Jewel tones allow for a bold, yet sedate look. Whether you’re going bold in a monochromatic teal, or being a bit more sedate in a garnet or fuschia, jewel tones are making their mark. 

2 - Putting the Power back in Power Suits

Business women everywhere know the strength and confidence that a good power suit can bring. However, many often lack the ability to mix strength and femininity. Modern power suits are designed to show off the strength of women in a way that is all too often suppressed. A good power suit isn’t a one trick pony though. A neutral color suit can let you use the pants with more social tops. You can use the blazer with a nice pair of denim for a completely separate look as well. 

3 - Plaid is No Fad

Runway shows have been showing off plaid for this fall in big numbers. However, it’s not being used in quite the same way as before. Plaid print shoes and boots are a huge hit right now. A great plaid blazer can work for traditional outfits, but can also be used in some experimental styles, like with biker shorts or with trusty yoga pants. Be free to experiment with plaid in ways you never would have thought of before! 

4 - Puffy Means Comfort

It’s great when style, comfort and utility can actually mesh together to form the holy trinity. Puffer jackets are the answer. A good puffer jacket will be incredibly light despite the puffed width. They keep you snuggly and warm when on, while somehow also looking great. This year, if you want to try something new, try a duvet jacket. These are extended length puffer coats that fall to the knees or further. It’s like feeling you’re in a warm safe cocoon, just daring the weather to try to stop you from looking great! 

5 - Lace Sets the Pace

As strength in women continues to be the main trend that all sub trends come from, lace has made an interesting return. Lace is admittedly beautiful and rather “ladylike”. However, modern takes on lace is more impressive. It shows off femininity without creating a vulnerable feel. A lace slip dress can work perfectly for those last warm days of the year, while a lace t shirt works great in vintage outfits. 

6- Floral Prints With Attitude

While summer floral prints tend to go for the bright sunshiny look, fall isn’t a time for that. Floral prints for fall focus on darker hues and on one thing above all else: attitude! These floral prints are bold and convey the wearer’s unwillingness to take guff from people they might otherwise accept meekly. Some may call these the fashion choices of a diva, but they are completely missing the point of these floral prints! 

7 - Abstract Is Eye Pleasing

This fall, the colors of fall are been used in a way that can only be described as relatively 70’s. Taking what went too far then to a slightly better place, these abstract looks transcend fashion and bring in the eye. Traditional fall colors are brought alive when used in abstract ways. Abstract patterns are great in a dress, but complementary abstract patterns in a top and pants combo can be extra pleasing.