These Smartphones Provide Some of the Best Value In the Market

It’s not hard to get a great phone. You can sign up for a long term contract and pay a large sum of money for one of the flagship smartphones out on the market.


There’s a problem with that though. While all stunning examples of technology, the costs are huge! Paying well over $1,000 for a phone can seem prohibitive when it will likely be replaced in a couple of years. 

The answer is to shop in the midrange of price options. There is some really good value that can be had in these phones. Typically, these are a mix of previous generation flagship options and new phones designed to be mid tier options. Prices typically come in somewhere between $350 and $800 for these value based phones. If you’re in the market for a new phone and are hoping to find yourself a good deal, be sure to check out at least one of these phones. 

1 - Samsung Galaxy S10e

In comparison to the other aspects of the S10 line, the S10e is positively a bargain. It’s admittedly in the higher range of costs for these phones, but it’s certainly worth it. The S10e doesn’t try to make the screen ridiculously large. It focuses instead on having a wonderful high resolution display. There’s plenty of internal storage with models having up to 256 gigabytes. Samsung support is also very strong and the S10e will receive top of the line Android updates. 

2 - OnePlus 6

This is the perfect example of a flagship model phone that remains great, but has been replaced. The 6 has been replaced by the 6T and the 7 Pro, but is still the incredible phone it was at launch. It is powerful and has a very large 6.28 inch display. In addition, it has an all glass design that’s really appealing. Unlike some other phones on the list, it comes in some excellent color finishes. Both the Red and Silk White are great looking phones. About the only downside is that the camera isn’t quite as strong as some on this list and it lacks wireless charging. 

3 - Google Pixel 3A

Just as Samsung made a trimmed down version of the S10, so too has the Pixel been reduced to a more moderate price point with the 3A. The 64GB Pixel 3A has an incredible camera. In addition, it also is powerful with quick response. Since it’s made by Google, the Android security updates are available as early as possible. In addition, Google likes to offer some additional extras. People have access to Google Photos cloud storage so no one needs to ever worry about losing precious photos of family ever again! 

4 - Moto G6 Plus

One of the most affordable options on this list, the Moto G6 Plus is a great phone. Unfortunately not all carriers support it. Currently, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will allow the G6 Plus. Just add your own sim card. The phone starts with lower memory, but has an expandable SD slot to let you have as much storage as you want. The 6.2 inch screen is fairly large and the rear camera features dual lens capabilities. 

5 - iPhone XR

Apple produces incredible smartphones and are partly responsible for the smartphone revolution. Their early innovation spurred the industry. However, one thing Apple is not known for now is value. All too often their products are more expensive than competitors due to the name power of Apple. The iPhone XR changes that and offers excellent value. A 6.1 inch screen is more than sufficient. The battery life is shockingly long and it’s just as powerful as other iPhone models. About the only downside is that the screen is an LCD panel rather than the OLED screen that so many of the expensive iPhones have switched to.