Using Parental Control Apps Can Help Your Children

Every advance in technology is meant to improve the quality of life. Technology allows for faster and more efficient communication. It provides opportunities to shop for just about anything without having to leave the home.


It also opens up the entire knowledge of the world for research and education. Unfortunately, for all the good provided by technology there is also potential harm especially when children have unfettered access through a mobile device.

The concerns aren’t just about children making one-click purchases. There is also all the potential harm that can come from watching videos, downloading images and playing games that are well beyond a child’s age-based comprehension. This is why it is vital for parents to use those same technological advances to help them regain control.

What is a Parental Control App?

Television and movies have long established rating systems which can inform a parent to the content of a program and flag any questionable material. With websites there are no such rating systems. It is a wild open market where literally anything goes. That is exactly what parents want to protect their children from. A parental control app can be thought of as a kind of general parental password. A child shouldn’t have access to certain content unless there is permission given by the parent.

There are some browsers that allow for filter settings where parents can block content that they find objectionable. The major streaming services are also helping parents with restriction features on their program. A parental control app can operate in conjunction with those other features.

These apps are primarily targeted for use on mobile devices and pads. It can help parents monitor and restrict access when they aren’t watching over the shoulder of their child.

Benefits of Using Parental Control Apps

When a parent installs and utilizes a parental control app, it helps them gain familiarity with the device and the various content options. That familiarity with the technology is vital because kids always seem to know more than their parents. This could give that “edge” back to the parents.

Parental control apps can foster stronger bonds between a parent and a child. As with all things in the life of a child, it is the parent who sets the boundaries. When using the apps, children demonstrate that they can be trusted and stay within those boundaries. The hope is that the children will someday realize that what their parents were doing was in their best interest.

There is also a great sense of relief that comes with parental control apps. A parent won’t have to be constantly worried about what their children are accessing online through their devices. This will help promote the children’s overall well-being. That is the goal of every parent.

Best Parental Control Apps

Here are some of the best parental control apps for parents to consider downloading:

  • FamilyTime - FamilyTime works with Android and IOS operating systems. It offers complete customization that allows a parent to set time limits, schedule homework sessions and provides location tracking. The app lets parents block other apps and can add additional filters for online use.
  • Qustodio - Qustodio offers an easy to navigate dashboard that can set time limits with special social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. It also allows parents to monitor texts and block online games or apps all together. Along with the Smartphone applications, Qustodio also can be downloaded to Kindle or Nook devices.
  • Webwatcher - As the title implies, this parental control app provides a parent a glimpse of all the web activity conducted by their children. It can even generate deleted texts and photos. This app is considered spyware and will need to be installed using advanced settings that bypass security protocols on the device. Of all the parental control apps, Webwatcher is probably the most extreme, but also the most thorough.
  • Screen Time for Apple - Screen Time is designed for use with all Apple devices. It provides parents with the ability to limit the amount of time a child spends on any particular app or game. It can block downloads and shut the phone down for a specific amount of time. That can certainly come in handy during bedtime.