What Are the Best Places to Recruit for Jobs Online?

Finding qualified employees is something businesses struggle with daily. With a plethora of websites and online resources, it is important to delineate the best sources of candidates.

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The Internet is a wonderful place to find information and employees, but it is also full of confusing sites and inaccurate information. It is easy for people to upload a resume to some obscure website. You do not want to use this kind of website because it can be unsafe or full of dubious components. When looking for a reliable online resource, finding a reputable company is paramount. Recruiting online comes with its own set of problems. It is important to find a company that will help you sort through the influx of resumes you are sure to get. If you have decided that online recruiting is the route you want to take, you should consider starting with some of the following online resources.

1 - CareerBuilder

While there are several different places a company can recruit employees, CareerBuilder, is one of the largest. Not only do they partner with government agencies and the media, but they also provide a platform for a company to set out their needs for prospective employees. They create a reliable environment for companies to outline their employee needs, including education and experience. Because they are so large, they are visited by a large percentage of people looking for a job, making the job pool much larger for the company to choose from. CareerBuilder has been around since 1995 and is considered very reputable.

2 - Indeed

Indeed pulls in job requisitions from various other websites, including company pages, staffing firms, and job boards. They help consolidate all the job postings that are on the internet. So, if you are looking to recruit, you might want to check with Indeed and make sure that your jobs are showing up in their search engine. This allows you a greater access to a larger consortium of employees. This job board has been around since 2004 and is a place many employees turn to when looking for employment.

3 - Monster

This employment website was created in 1994. Companies from all over the world can post jobs on Monster. Monster set the tone for all the companies that came after it. It was the first of its kind, becoming a public job search website. Monster is highly regarding in the job recruitment marketplace. It is easy for prospective employees to use and a great place to start when looking for new employees. Monster is the consolidation of a few different job boards, all designed to create a platform that is thoroughly diverse and all-encompassing.

4 - LinkedIn

Professionals and novices alike use LinkedIn. This platform lets you find connections with others using their website. These connections can lead to companies that are looking to hire. Companies can post their jobs on LinkedIn and create groups which would be searchable by prospective employees. Companies can make their job requisitions available by search. It allows the company to learn about the employee’s other contacts and what kind of background they have. It is generally used in professional realms and links like-minded professionals together.

5 -  Robert Half

Robert Half is a website works in conjunction with the businesses they work with. So, if you are a company that works with Robert Half, you will be able to post jobs online through their website. They sometimes have exclusive relationships with their clients, so the vetting of potential employees is greater. These exclusive relationships mean that other job boards will not have access to the job postings on Robert Half.

6 - TheLadders

While most job boards allow companies to post for any kind of job, ranging from entry level to executive management, TheLadders does not. The focus of TheLadders is on upper-level executives and those who are at the top of their field. So, if a company has high-level positions that it only wants high-level responses to, TheLadders is the place to post the job. You will not find job postings for part-time or entry-level positions.

7 - Social Media

Social media is also a platform that companies cannot ignore. If a company is looking to hire, they need to consider all the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Depending on the kind of position you are trying to hire for, you can post it on your Facebook page, send out a tweet with a link to an application, or post it on Instagram. Maintaining your social media presence is important for finding qualified employees for all your business needs.

8 - Snagajob

This online job board is wonderful for all types of jobs, especially entry-level and part-time. A company can post a job requisition on this website and expect to get a large response. Users are able to find jobs by sorting the database using delineations such as geographic area, company, and job status (full or part-time). The company is able to identify exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes the user can apply directly through the site. Other times, the company can have users directed to their individual website, where the application for the job will be completed.

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