What Can Law Firm Management Software Do For Your Firm?

In today’s times, being a lawyer is about more than just providing legal advice and services. The practice of law is every bit as much of a business as it is a profession.

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In addition, the technology and mechanics of law practice have become more complex. Lawyers now have to be businesspeople and administrators in order to run their legal practice.

Law firm administration is a process that is difficult to accomplish manually. Usually, lawyers need to some sort of assistance in order to handle the details of their practice. Large law firms have the advantage of deep infrastructure and professionals dedicated solely to administrative matters. Smaller law firms and solo practitioners are faced with the prospect of having to accomplish these tasks either with minimal staff or entirely on their own. Time spent on administration is time that cannot be spent earning revenue. Accordingly, lawyers need an automated solution that can help them administer their practice and free them up to provide services to paying clients.

What is Law Firm Management Software?

Law firm practice management software is a multi-feature software package that helps lawyers manage everything from cases to their business. There is not necessarily one specific type of law firm management software, but rather this can encompass a number of different software features. With regard to case management, this software can track, among other things, calendaring, docket management and document assembly. Other areas that can be handled by this software are time tracking and billing as well as client contacts and communications. Preferably, lawyers can find one particular software suite that can handle as many of these features as possible. In addition, this software is also a method of accounting for lawyers where they can track their accounts and accounts receivable. This software is an integrated approach to law firm management that eliminates the need for multiple solutions to handle each distinct area.

Benefits of Law Firm Management Software

Law firm management software saves time for lawyers. Any minute saved on administrative tasks is a minute that can be spent on providing legal services to clients. When it comes to law firm management, there are many difference pieces to be woven together into a whole. In other words, various aspects of administration that seem unrelated are, in fact, connected insofar as they relate to the firm as a whole.

The software package integrates all of these functions together so a lawyer can simply log into one interface and have all aspects of their practice merged. This can help lawyers maximize their cash flow, in part by streamlining billing and introducing efficiency to the process. Billing can be automated and done through e-mail as opposed to manually by mail. This software can also support a lawyer who bills their clients using a variety of different fee arrangements. In addition, lawyers have all information related to a particular client in one convenient place.

Popular Law Firm Management Software

There are many different software offerings in this area. Below are some of the possible options available to lawyers.

  • CosmoLex - CosmoLex has a variety of features that make it a wonderful option for lawyers to use. CosmoLex is especially strong at handling law firm billing. This software includes mostly its own features as opposed to integrating with other third parties.
  • MyCase - MyCase offers client management, billing and case management features. Where this software excels is in its ability to manage client communications. MyCase offers messaging and secure communications features that help lawyers interact with their clients. MyCase supports operating accounts and trusts.
  • PracticePanther - PracticePanther is a flexible system that integrates well with third-party services. Lawyers can use this in conjunction with Dropbox, QuickBooks, and PayPal. The great thing about PracticePanther is that it can be customized based on an individual lawyer’s needs. PracticePanther is easy to learn and features great customer support.

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