What Type of Lawyer Do I Need to Use?

The power of the law is incredibly difficult to comprehend. It can seem so tangled in minutiae that many average people have no idea if they need a lawyer to assist them.

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However, people will likely need the services of a lawyer multiple times throughout their lives.

Knowing when a lawyer is needed is the first step. The second step is figuring out what type of lawyer is needed. Often times a general practitioner may be able to handle minor things. However, one thing about law is that specialization is often the best way to go. As complicated as things are, it means that specialization of every aspect of law really is impossible.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

There are many people who may make a mistake and be arrested for a DUI. These people will need to be defended. While some may choose criminal defense lawyers, there are many who specialize in this specific defense. They can help people with their defense and ensure the best possible outcome is realized.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a terrible time for people. The end of something that was supposed to be sacred is difficult. Divorce lawyers usually work for an amicable and fair split of assets. While some divorce lawyers are known to be more aggressive, the vast majority understand the pain and suffering that this time brings upon people.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

As many people know through television and common knowledge, if a person can’t afford an attorney when being accused of a crime, one will be appointed for them. However, getting a good criminal defense lawyer is usually a step up on public defenders. They are able to dedicate more time and effort into every case, as they are being paid for it specifically.

Personal Injury Lawyers

There are many people who are injured due to the negligence of people or businesses. In these scenarios, a personal injury lawyer works to assist a person in dealing with insurance companies, or in any lawsuit they may be forced to engage in.

Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning lawyers work to assist people in their planning for after death. A well planned estate can make funerals, transition of funds and transition of property far easier than it would otherwise be. Estate planning attorneys will often be specialized in their specific field.

Workers Compensation Lawyers

There are many lawyers which specialize in assisting with workers compensation claims when they are denied by an insurance company. While this is fairly similar to personal injury lawyers, workers compensation claims are a specific branch of injury. These are only on the job injuries that occur during employment, whereas personal injury can occur anywhere.

Employment Attorneys

Employment attorneys focus on what can be a serious issue. Wrongful termination can be a very difficult aspect of law to prove. However, it’s these attorneys which work to stand up for people and their rights as employees.

Business Lawyers

Every business should have a lawyer. Whether that lawyer is an employee of the company itself or simply brought in on legal matters, a good lawyer is crucial to a business. Business lawyers work to assist in all the legal aspects of running a business including potential lawsuits, acquisitions and sales, changes in ownership and other problems that arise. They can assist in the various aspects of business insurance acquisition as well.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers tend to handle many of the issues that a family may encounter. They are skilled at multiple aspects of the law. Family lawyers can help handle issues like home purchases/sales, residential property disputes, estate planning or even some criminal defense issues if needed. Family lawyers and they breadth of knowledge is great for smaller situations that come up. A good family lawyer also knows their limitations and when they need to refer a situation to a specialized expert in a field. 

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