Why Limit Yourself to a Hotel Room When You Can Get a Vacation Rental Home

What makes vacations so great is their scarcity. You only get a certain amount of time off work each year, so the impetus is to make the absolute most of it possible.

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Conventional thinking is to take a trip somewhere, get a hotel room and experience the area. But why should you limit yourself to a hotel? While hotels do their best to make you comfortable, they can never provide you all the amenities you get in your own home. This is what makes vacation rental homes so appealing. 

When you make the choice to get a vacation rental home, you’re ensuring that you and your travel companions have more room. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, or your family, everyone will appreciate the extra room they find in a vacation rental home. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading. Maybe your next vacation can take advantage! 

Benefits of a Vacation Rental Home

Obviously there are some benefits to renting a vacation home instead of getting a hotel room. The first one mentioned is size. Typically, a home will have fully size rooms, fully size utilities and more amenities. Hotel rooms have one bathroom and one shower. Vacation rentals will often have multiple. 

The utilities also give you options. Not everyone wants to cook on vacation, but it’s nice to have the option should you wish it. A full size fridge also lets you keep beverages you pick up for relaxing times. Those wonderful dinner leftovers will be kept fresh as well! 

In addition to being larger, vacation rental homes are somehow often less expensive than hotel rooms. Many people renting vacation homes are simply doing so to add some extra income. They already own the home and won’t be using it all year, so why not get a few extra dollars? Per person pricing is often much much lower for vacation homes where 5 or 6 people may be staying. 

There are admittedly some disadvantages. While you get some basic utilities like laundry and cooking, you may miss out on a gym, spa or restaurant at a hotel. Typically, vacation rental homes are available near tourist-centric areas, so those things are still nearby. 

Finding a Vacation Rental Home

If you’re looking to find a vacation rental home, there are several ways to go about it. One underlooked way is through word of mouth. Many people have had delightful vacations and learned about the home through friends or family. Quality will always be passed along. 

If you’re going somewhere your social circle has not, then you’ll probably want to try one of the vacation rental apps that are available. AirBnb continues to be the biggest name in booking vacation homes. However, be careful to make sure you are renting exactly what you think you are renting on airbnb. Flipkey is another great app which can help you find a vacation home. Flipkey is also compatible with TripAdvisor, so you can get good information. HomeAway focuses only on properties and full homes. They also back up your payments, so if you are somehow defrauded, they will help you find another place and fully refund your money! 

The final option that people often underestimate is using a real estate agent. These agents often have links to homes that regular travel hunters can’t find. In addition, they can help plan out a vacation and offer some great tips for things to do around the home that’s rented. 

Popular Vacation Home Rental Destinations

Alright, so you want to rent a vacation home right? So where do you want to go? There’s vacation rental homes available all over the world, however, some are more desirable than others. Here are some of the best destinations you could choose: 

  • Spain and Portugal - These are linked together simply due to their proximity. The Spanish economy hasn’t been exactly roaring and this has led to a lot of lower prices for tourists. Beautiful beach towns like Cadiz, Palma and Marabella are waiting. Cascais, Perragudo, and Penich in Portugal are waiting too! 
  • California - You may not think about California, but the diversity of fun available throughout the state makes it a good choice for a vacation rental. Getting a home for a week in Napa can be a magical vacation.
  • Argentina - This South American country is famous for their incredible food (admittedly a lot of meat) and is a beautiful place for a vacation home. Argentinian vacation homes don’t need to be located along the beach. A beautiful home in the mountains and jungle can be a unique vacation experience. 
  • Albania - This is often not considered to be a vacation destination, but Albania is right beside Greece and incredibly close to Italy. The climate is beautiful and so are the beaches. Prices are low. If you enjoy renting your property, you might want to buy one later. Costs are low, but they are rising steadily.

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