You're Not the Only One With Questions About Liquidators

When you decide you need new furniture or new appliances where can you get the best deal? Weekend trips to the different stores to find what you want at a great deal can be a thing of the past.


Appliance or furniture liquidators could be your next and last stop! Wholesale liquidators can have a large variety of items from furniture to clothing at reduced prices. Items can vary depending on the stock items available to the liquidator. As the name implies these type of retailers need to move or liquidate products quickly to make a profit. These liquidation stores can stock name brand items and a variety of makes and models. You have to shop around to make sure you can find what you need but the discount price tag is well worth the effort.

The 5 Major Questions

1. What are liquidators?

A. Liquidators are businesses that buy furniture, appliances and other products from retailers and manufacturers. They repackage items to sell at a discount to consumers. These items can be acquired from store closures where the store can’t sell the last of their product. Other times items may be damaged by smoke or scratches. These items are typically sold at a greatly reduced price. Sometimes retailers buy too much of an item and they can’t sell it. This overstock can be purchased by a liquidator and sold to the consumer at a discount.

2. What sort of items can I buy from a liquidator?

A. There are many types of liquidation sellers. Popular types are furniture liquidators where they only stock furniture. You can find a dinning room set for 75% off retail prices. Appliance liquidators can be a great place to find that $1500 store at a discounted price. These items maybe be scratched or dented but for $500 off that can be worth it for a savvy shopper. You can furnish your home with new items at a faction of the cost. Flooring liquidators are also very popular. These places offer discounted and discontinued items at a reduced price. You can replace whole rooms for pennies compared to retail.

3. Why should I shop at a Liquidation business or Liquidation Sale?

A. Liquidation sales are a great way to save a lot of money on big ticket items. Typically you will get big discounts compared to retail on everything from furniture, clothing and household items. Stock will vary and change weekly depending on the business. You might also be lucky to find items that are discontinued for house hold projects like flooring. You can also find name brands for things like appliances, electronics and clothing.

4. What kind of discounts can I expect?

A. Liquidation businesses can vary in their discounts. Pricing is always reduced but by how much can depend on the item, popularity of the product or damage to the product. Items at liquidators can be brand name items so discounts might be lower than less popular brands. Usually these places are worth the trip!

5. How can I find liquidators in my area?

A. Check online with the keyword liquidators. Liquidators will often advertise in the local paper on TV or the radio. Typically these store locations are in business parks and other less expensive real estate. But they usually throw events to show off merchandise through the radio and TV. Sometimes you’ll see or hear words like “Truckload” sales or “scratch and dent”. These items are in bulk and likely a one-time only opportunity.